Test your eyesight! Did the goalkeeper really kick Ronaldos red card?

 Test your eyesight! Did the goalkeeper really kick Ronaldos red card?

From the perspective lens, it is not clear what kind of physical contact happened between the two people. However, it is not difficult to see from the close-up shot of Ronaldos legs that Merretts right foot is basically kicked between Ronaldos legs. If they had physical contact, it might have been Merretts right foot touching Ronaldos left foot slightly. After Ronaldo fell to the ground, he happened to be holding his left foot.

Even if Merrett did kick Ronaldos left foot, the physical contact was not serious. Ronaldos flying and falling out was exaggerated. The referee immediately gave Melet a red card, which made Napoli player Maximovich angry after the game: This always happens against Juventus. We controlled the game, but we lost because of some minor mistakes. Even Merrett himself is not sure if he has met Ronaldo.

Carlo Ancelotti coached Ronaldo in Real Madrid, and he disapproved of the red card: This red card is controversial, Merrett obviously did not scoop Ronaldo. Since VAR has been introduced, why not give a comprehensive review of the situation at that time? This is obviously not a red card because Ronaldo has lost control of the ball and the ball is rolling towards the corner flag. Carlo Ancelotti said after the game, Merrett did not meet Ronaldo, the red card changed the game.

But Allegri thought after the game that even if Merrett did not meet Ronaldo, it should play a red card. Whether he meets Ronaldo or not, he deserves to be sent off. Both the referee and VAR have made decisions, and the referee has done very well in enforcing the law. Allegri said so.

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