Look now! Kappas super-low mistakes but the other strikers are thinking about life.

 Look now! Kappas super-low mistakes but the other strikers are thinking about life.

Kappas mistake took took place in 19 minutes of the game. At that time, Fulham attacked on the left side of the front court and sent out a pass from the side to find Babel in the middle of the penalty area. At this point, Kappa chose to leave the door and Babel left the guard to grab the ball. Later, Capa took the lead in getting the ball, but he did not hold it firmly. Babels running apparently interfered with Kappas judgment, who dropped the ball without physical contact and delivered it directly to Babel.

Babel used to be known for his speed and agility when he played for Liverpool, but now he is not the whirlwind kid who used to be, and his speed and reaction are half a beat slower. After Cappa took off, the ball fell right in front of Babel. He could just turn around and shoot it in because Chelsea was empty at the moment. But Babel, with his red hair, seemed to be thinking about life. Happiness came so suddenly that he did not find the position of the ball. Perhaps Babel was thinking: Where am I, what am I doing?

By the time Babel responded and prepared to shoot, it was too late and the chance was fleeting. Kappa rushed to a side and pressed the ball in front of him. This time, he did not let it go, while Babel regretted it. Just one minute after Babel missed the perfect opportunity, Chelsea scored, Higuain scored and the Blues were 1-0 ahead.

Chelsea fans are not buying Salis decision to let Kapa return to the starting line-up. Before the game began, they criticized Sally on Twitter for being too soft-hearted and insisted that Chelsea should completely ban Capa. But some experts point out that football shouldnt be a gamble. Chelsea spent so much money on Keppa that it wasnt just for him to sit on the bench. Moreover, Capa is more suitable for starting than Caballero.

In this round of League matches, except for this mistake, Kappas overall performance in the rest of the time is excellent. In the 26th minute, Capa blocked Mitrovichs volley from close range, which was quite aggressive. In the 66th minute, Kappa sent out two more consecutive pools, dashing Fulhams hopes of equalizing the score. In the 72nd minute, Fulhams Bryan kicked a very dangerous arc shot at the top of the arc of the penalty area. Keppa was highly focused and hit the ball with both fists. After the game, Capa scored 7.4 points.

After the match, Sali said that the team had forgiven Kappa: He did well and it was normal to start him. Its over. I can abandon him, but one game is enough. He made a mistake, but now its all right. Will he be abandoned in the future? I dont think so.

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