Liao Media: Better lose the last five rounds than let Korea play the playoffs healthily

 Liao Media: Better lose the last five rounds than let Korea play the playoffs healthily

Han Dejuns injury occurred in the fourth quarter of the first battle with Guangzhou Team. When Liao Basketball was 85:82 in the lead, Hudson wanted to play an air relay with Han Dejun in a counter-attack. However, under the interference of two defensive players, Hu Jinqiu and Li Jinxiao of Guangzhou Team, Han Dejun failed to dunk the ball after jumping up. After landing, Han Dejun covered his left hand painfully. After Liu Zhixuan scored the three-point goal, Han Dejun was immediately replaced by Zhong Cheng. It was this very ordinary basketball match that had serious consequences. At noon on the 3rd, the rumors of Han Dejuns fracture of his left metacarpal bone and season reimbursement began to spread in the circle of friends.

In response, the Liaoning Mens Basketball Official said on March 3: Han Dejun injured his left metacarpal bone in a confrontation. He will go to Beijing today. The club has contacted the best experts for him. After the inspection results are confirmed, we will release the official news as soon as possible.

Although the final results need to be confirmed after examination, but Han Dejuns injury is more serious, it is also certain. If a metacarpal fracture occurs, it usually takes two or three months to recover completely. Liu Zheng of Guangxia Team said goodbye to the season ahead of schedule because of a metacarpal fracture. If you can choose, Liao Basketball would rather lose the last five rounds of the regular season, but also let a healthy Han Dejun appear in the playoff lineup. This situation is undoubtedly the last thing people want to see. Now we can only expect Han Dejun to overcome his injuries and return to the team as soon as possible.

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