The new rules come into force! Unintentional handball fouls penalty kicks are not allowed

 The new rules come into force! Unintentional handball fouls penalty kicks are not allowed

Previously, Velasco Carballo, chairman of the WFA Board, revealed that the new handball rules had actually been used in FIFA member associationsnational leagues, but IFAB believed that the new rules should be included in the official football rules.

After a vote, the rule was adopted. (Note: Four votes for FIFA and one vote for each of the four football associations in the UK. The new rules will not be officially approved until the votes in favour reach at least six.)

New rules for handball

Offensive players who score handball (including unintentional handball) or score/create chances for profiting from handball will be penalized for fouls.

The defenders arm expands beyond the natural range (including unintentional handball). Handball will be punished if it appears.

About the natural range: the arm on both sides of the body belongs to the natural position.

New Rules for Falling Ball

When goals are scored, chances are created and the two sides exchange the ball rights, the ball hits the referee and the referee will drop the ball to resume the game.

The referee drops the ball to the team holding the ball before the game stops. The opponent must withdraw from the position at least 4 meters away from the ball.

New rules for penalty kicks

In normal time, penalty kicks are saved or blocked by the door frame. The attacker will not have the chance to attack twice and the game will go into the dead ball.

When a goalkeeper throws a penalty, one or both feet can be stepped on the goal line.

Note: The new rules will be tried out in amateur competitions and specific competitions, without affecting the five major leagues and other mainstream competitions.

New Regulations for Red and Yellow Brands

When coaches and players misbehave in the sideline area of the court, the referee can show them red and yellow cards.

New rules for the wall

When the offensive side takes a free kick, the offensive team member should withdraw from the position at least 1 meter away from the defenders wall.

New rules of goalball

When a goalkeeper or other defender kicks a goal ball, he does not need to kick the ball out of the restricted area of his own side any more. The receiving team member may enter the restricted area of his own side to receive the ball.

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