Mourinho called on Ranieri to quip and mock Manchester United: such a change would be bad for the long run

 Mourinho called on Ranieri to quip and mock Manchester United: such a change would be bad for the long run

Last week the Premier League Fulham Club announced the dismissal of Ranieri, the employer, and Parker as temporary manager. Parker was a Fulham player and Solskjaer had been at Manchester United for many years. Some people have linked the change of Fulham manager with Manchester United replacing Mourinho with Solskjar.

Mourinho said, Is it possible for Fulham to get a better manager than Ranieri? Its impossible at all. You can compare Ranieri and Parkers career. Parker is the first time to coach a team. They cant match each other at all. But sometimes in football, you can look at the example of my former club. Changing coaches can bring about immediate changes. But in the long run, I dont have much confidence in such changes - even if they happen quickly and bring some positive results.

Mourinho is not allowed to talk about his dismissal under a confidential agreement signed with Manchester United after class, otherwise he will be punished. However, the Mirror believes that Mourinhos talk about Ranieri and Parker is an irony of Manchester Uniteds decision to dismiss him before. Before the Spanish national derby, Mourinho joked, Lakitic is one of the most underrated players in the world, he is excellent in all aspects, the only short board is that social media is not good enough. Sky Sports thought Mourinho was mocking Bogba, a social media enthusiast.

Of course, Mourinho, after all, is a guest commentator in the Premier League. He also talked about the current situation in the Premier League at Bein Sports. After this round, Manchester City has surpassed Liverpool to the top of the table. Mourinho said: I think the turning point took place in Liverpools home draw against Leicester City, where Manchester City first lost away and Liverpool played at home. They should have won the game and seized it, but missed it. Manchester City lost, but the next day they got good news because Liverpool were even.

Mourinho went on to say, Liverpool have lost their lead. Now Manchester City are leading the way. They have control over their destiny. Liverpool have lost some important points and put their destiny in the hands of others. I think psychological factors are very important. Now Liverpool have to consider other teams, not just their own games. They think about two games every weekend: their own and Manchester City.

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