China Mens Double 20th Historical German Player Wins the World Snowcar Championship

 China Mens Double 20th Historical German Player Wins the World Snowcar Championship

China ranked 23rd after two-wheeled skating on the 1st day. They continued their two-wheeled taxiing on the 2nd, ranking 16th with 51.93 seconds and 20th with 3 minutes, 28 seconds and 25 seconds. Shao Yijun is the helmsman of Chinas four-person snowmobile project in the Pingchang Winter Olympic Games, and is currently the leading figure in the domestic mens snowmobile project.

The other pair, Sun Kaizhi and Ma Jianliang, failed to reach the top 20 after three rounds of competition and failed to participate in the final round, finally ranking 23rd.

Friedrich ranked first in the International Snowmobiles Federations double event, winning all the eight World Cup competitions this year, with a full score of 1800. After winning the World Championship, he won five consecutive championships, equalling the record of five consecutive championships set by Italian Mondi in 1957-1961. Friedrich and his brake Magis were very strong on the 2nd, ranking first in all the last three rounds except the first.

Host Kripps and Stones won the runner-up by 0.59 seconds. The combination skied 50.96 seconds in the first round, setting a new record for the Whistler sled track. At the Pingchang Winter Olympics, Krips won the first place in the double event alongside Friedrich. Another pair of German pairs, Walser and Krenz, lagged behind the champions by 0.89 seconds, ranking third.

Gold medals for womens snowmobiles will be awarded on the 3rd. After the first two rounds of competition, Chinas two pairs ranked 10th and 15th respectively.

Source: Author of Xinhua News Agency New Media Line: Zhang Rongfeng, responsible editor of Li Bowen: Luting_NS5242