The dressing room is fed up with Bell! Solari sent him to start to annoy Real Madrid.

 The dressing room is fed up with Bell! Solari sent him to start to annoy Real Madrid.

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The Marca newspaper pointed out that Solaris decision to start Bell was beyond the comprehension of many key players. In the eyes of his teammates, Bell is no longer strong enough to start in the national derby. Bell left the Bernabeu early before the end of the game, which made his teammates feel intolerable about his sense of teamwork. When Real Madrid lagged behind Real Societies 0-1, Bell also drove out ahead of schedule.

Real Madrid veteran Mijatovic made a sharp criticism of Bell: Bell has played at Real Madrid for more than five years. Who can tell me where he is best suited to play? Outside left forward? There are already excellent young people there. Its not his turn. Right? Same. But if he is not allowed to play, he will be angry. For more than five years, I still dont know where to put him in order to play well.

Not long ago, both Ass and Marca pointed out that Florentino had decided to clean Bell this summer. Now the Daily Mirror of England points out that Real Madrid wants to trade Bell + 50 million pounds for Eriksson. In this deal, Bell has gone from being the worlds most expensive player to a transfer leader.

However, the Daily Mirrors statement is not convincing enough. Eriksson has only one year left on his contract with Spurs, and Real Madrid has valued him at 60 million. The Ass recently pointed out that although Florentino wanted to sell Bell, he would not cut the price substantially. Real Madrid President set a price of 100 million euros for him.

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