Ah Sa Zeng Mei Huizi will compete for the best actress in the Golden Images Award

 Ah Sa Zeng Mei Huizi will compete for the best actress in the Golden Images Award

Netease Entertainment reported on March 4 that, according to Hong Kong media reports, Cai Zhuoyan (Asa), Zeng Meizi and Yu Xiangning competed for the best actress in the Hong Kong Film Award for Best Actress in the film Unmarried Girl, Sanfu and extraordinary respectively. They attended the dinner the night before (March 2). Ah Sa confessed that he hoped to win the award and considered it the ultimate goal of the actors. Zeng Meihui-zi said that she was confident of winning the prize. She also said that Ah Sas song The Next Stage of the Queen was the goal.

The award ceremony will be held next month. Sa said that he was looking for war clothes, but he had no idea yet. She said: If I tailor-made clothes, no one knows how to appreciate, we also look at brand, fashion, very superficial, I can not help but drift with the tide. Thank you, Mrs. Yang Yicheng, for sponsoring precious jewelry. Open the safe and let me choose it.

Asked that Ah Sa was present with her rival Zeng Meihui Zi, she said that she had not seen the other sides performance of Sanfu, but only another candidate Zhang Jingchus Unmatched, and she felt that she had performed well after entering the contest. Laughing at her curving praise, she immediately said, Im Ok. Ask her if she wants to win the prize? She said, Its a lie to say that you dont want to win a prize. Its an actors ultimate goal to win a prize. Performing a good role is the basic thing. Only when you like it, can you get a chance to win a prize. But its not to make a movie for winning a prize.

Zeng Meihui Zi is confident: the next stop is Tianhou

Zeng MeiHuizi said she was confident of winning the award and was very excited to share the nomination with several outstanding actors. Speaking of her rival, A Sa, she said, Her next stop is the only Cantonese song I can sing, and the title is also my goal. She thanked Director Chen Guo and Hong Kong for giving her the opportunity to become a leading lady for the first time. She was born in Hong Kong. Recently, other directors have asked her to try different roles, hoping to continue growing up in the theatre.

Sa speaks to Zeng Meihui-zi and sings The Next Stand of the Queen of Heaven. She laughed and said, Let her sing to me! I know this song is very popular in the Mainland.

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