Are you in a good mood about to leave the team? Adams enjoyed the atmosphere of standing by and proposing.

 Are you in a good mood about to leave the team? Adams enjoyed the atmosphere of standing by and proposing.

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Adams Sees Proposal (Source: Netease Sports)

Wow, he proposed. Adams subtitled, Its the atmosphere of the night. I can see that he is in a good mood. In the video, a man is kissing his lover in a pink atmosphere, which can be described as scattering a handful of dog food.

Although the official Xinjiang team did not make any comments, it is not difficult to see from Adamssocial media status that he is likely to leave after the regular season.

In fact, this season, Adams in Xinjiang team has not been happy, once the merits of some fans into the mouth of the brush and cancer, Xinjiangs record also ups and downs. If we break up peacefully, it might be a real relief for Adams.

Source: Netease Sports Author: Little Red Army Editor: Zhao Huanyu_NBJ10043