Womens Football Team: France World Cup strives for a better team

 Womens Football Team: France World Cup strives for a better team

Chinas womens football team made more mistakes in the first half of the match on the 1st day, scoring three goals in a row by the Norwegian team ranked higher than itself in the world. Wang Shanshan pulled back a city before the end, and finally China lost 1:3. After the game, the team reviewed the video and summarized and analyzed the exposed problems.

In Wang Shanshans view, the team lost the game or its own problems, lack of the ability to seize the opportunity, the overall aspect is also somewhat disconnected, did not play a good game, did not seize their own. Every opponent cant play well. We have to go all out to win the game. She is still unsatisfied with her personal performance after scoring the goal. There is still a certain gap, not playing a leading role, some opportunities are not grasped, if grasped, we can not lose.

Defender Liu Shanshan said that in the face of Norways team execution ability is not enough, did not play its own level, psychological tension is on the one hand, enter the game state is also a bit slow, the second half offensive and defensive compared to the first half to have a significant change.

The two players said that they had great exercise value in playing against opponents like Norway. Liu Shanshan said: In the World Cup, we have to face opponents from Europe and Africa. It is a good accumulation for the World Cup to meet different types of opponents in this competition. Wang Shanshan said: Every game is an opportunity to learn, after all, we seldom play with European teams, and they play more, we can experience in all aspects of the body. World Cup opponents Germany and South Africa are also physically strong opponents, early adaptation is also good.

China will meet Denmark on the 4th to compete for the second place in the group. As another team from Nordic, Denmarks technical and tactical characteristics are somewhat similar to Norways.

Liu Shanshan said that the coach will formulate a series of tactical plans according to the characteristics of the opponent, and the team will also combine its own characteristics to suppress the opponent. Wang Shanshan believes that the next game should first go all out, Denmark is not a weak team, or with the mentality of competing.

The 2019 French Womens Football World Cup will be held on June 7. Four years ago, the Chinese team, which entered the top eight in the World Cup, was in the same group as Germany, Spain and South Africa.

In the World Cup, we should develop our own skills and tactics, and show what we have learned in the past year on the stage of the World Cup. As for the goal, Liu Shanshan said, There must be, its a step further than the last World Cup.

Firstly, play one game after another. After all, the first game is against Germany. Firstly, strive to get out of the group, and then move forward step by step, striving for better results than the previous one. Wang Shanshan hopes to score more goals and help the team win.

Source: Xu Song_NS1943, responsible editor of Xinhua New Media Line