Qin Zhixin: Zhang Jike voluntarily withdraws from the through race and welcomes him back at any time.

 Qin Zhixin: Zhang Jike voluntarily withdraws from the through race and welcomes him back at any time.

Liu Guoliang said: Thank you for the 24 athletes and 14 coaches behind me. After four days of competition, they showed the strongest table tennis table tennis. I believe everyone has a harvest. Some people have a direct harvest, some are bonuses, some are torture, and they are precious wealth. I hope you can take these to closed training and World Table Tennis Championships, which is the greatest harvest. National Table Tennis will not let you down. It will become stronger and stronger in 2019.

Fan Zhendong, who won the mens table tennis championship, said that he had gained confidence through the competition: The ball and the table are all in accordance with the World Table Tennis Championship. It gives me a preliminary concept of the World Table Tennis Championship and gives me a specific direction for closed training. Of course, the most important thing is to win the World Table Tennis Championship and obtain the qualification of singles, so that I can prepare for the next more solid.

As for the goal of the World Table Tennis Championship, Fan Zhendong, who is currently ranked the first in the world but has won only two World Cup Championships in the three world championships, said: I look forward to winning all the time just like this one.

Chen Meng, the womens table tennis champion, said that the competition was a difficult one, with two hard matches in the middle. It felt like running a half marathon, but when she won, she felt that her efforts had been a small reward and hoped to extend this good fortune to the world table tennis competition. The next closed training I think is still to trainpeople, during which the adjustment of mentality and thinking is very critical. She said.

Qin Zhixin emphasized that direct is a team competition, training, and ultimately to be consistent with the outside world. Find out the shortcomings of everyone through team competition, and through improvement, let a stronger Chinese table tennis team stand in the World Table Tennis Championship arena.

Qin Zhixin also said that for Fan Zhendong, regardless of the strength and familiarity of the opponent, he does not need to care about the opponent, just concentrate on himself.

Qin Zhixin revealed that the final version of the table tennis World Table Tennis Championship list was released around the middle of this month, requiring members of the Staff Department of the Table Tennis Association to make a unified plan, arrange the quota rationally and make unified recommendations, because the ultimate goal of the National Table Tennis Team is for the Tokyo Olympic Games.

He also introduced the developments of two veteran generals, Malone and Zhang Jike, who said that Malone had recovered well from injuries and that he had been registered for the Qatar Open at the end of the month; Zhang Jike, who lacked systematic training recently, voluntarily withdrew from the competition. I believe that as long as he has this motivation and courage, he is always welcome to come back. Qin Zhixin said.

The National Table Tennis Teams through competition began in the 2006 through Bremen World Table Tennis Championship Selection Competition. It is intended to determine the list of some international competitions through intra-team competition and give players a fair chance to compete.

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