Cannavaro: It would be very proud and desirable to be selected as the manager of the Chinese team.

 Cannavaro: It would be very proud and desirable to be selected as the manager of the Chinese team.

After the Asian Cup, Lippis mission in the national team was over. He returned to Italy and the management team he formed got the news that he would return to his units and wait for the news of the national teams reorganization. So far, these people have not received any news of the new national team. As a result, including Lippis translator, the technical analysts of the national team and others, have now returned to Guangzhou Evergrande Club.

As a party, Cannavaro responded to the question whether he was the head coach of the Chinese team at the press conference before the Guangzhou Evergreen University and Tianhai Tianjin Games: It is indeed a very proud thing to be the head coach of the national team. As you all know, as a football player, my football career is accompanied by my national team. Every time I am asked such a question, I will think of myself wearing the national team uniform to win honor for my country. This feeling is unbelievable. Regardless of the strength of the national team, this feeling must be different. So when will Kashuai take over as head coach of the national football team? Hengda coach said: Now I have to consider that in Guangzhou Hengda work must be done well, the purpose is not only to win more victories, but also very willing to share my experience with the young players in the team. As for whether or not I will be elected, it is not my own decision. In any case, if I can be a national coach, I will be very proud and yearning. During the winter training this year, I also saw several national team Asian Cup matches. It is very different to see players playing on behalf of the country on the spot.

In the match with Tianhai in Tianjin, all the five young international players bought by Guangzhou Hengda this year played, but some old international players, such as Feng Xiaoting, Yu Hanchao and Huang Bowen, entered the substitute list. Zheng Zhi, who was injured, did not even enter the list. This is the beginning of Hengdas youth. Hengda has indeed provided an environment for the growth of these young international players. Let the Chinese Super League become the training ground for these young players.

The national team in the China Cup will face a new generation. Zhang Xiuwei Shihao and He Chao can obviously compete for the main position in the new generation of national football. From the first match of the league, the five young people are doing quite well, especially in the nearly 70 minutes of Hengda 10-11. They have withstood the test, and finally Guangzhou Hengda 3-0 win over their opponents, new aides. In the first battle of Evergreen Brigade, it is worth affirming its competitive status and investment.

The interview from Kashuai did not deny the position of coach. In fact, we can basically confirm that he is closer and closer to the position of football coach. On the other hand, even though Cannavaro has not passed the way of concurrent coach and advisor to Lippi, there will be no big change in the idea of forming a team with one or two clubs, no matter who is the new coach, but from the current situation, the combination of Cannavaro and Lippi is still the most likely.

Source: Editor-in-Charge of Football Newspaper: Xu Song_NS1943