Famous Note: Dalian Football Renaissance Road is still a long way to go. There is no chemical reaction in foreign aid.

 Famous Note: Dalian Football Renaissance Road is still a long way to go. There is no chemical reaction in foreign aid.

While Henan Jianye laments three points and one point, it has to be said that the Dalian team has never given up under the circumstances of one less person and the situation is in a disadvantageous situation. At the last moment, it grasps the only chance of the whole match and retreats with one point. This may be acceptable to the Dalian side. However, from the whole process of the game, one team has a lot of work to do, and the road to revitalization is quite long and arduous.

Before the new season, the Dalian team may be the most expensive team to attract after the Guangzhou Evergreen Team, and the most valuable player in the transfer market this winter is also introduced by the Dalian team. Many local and former international footballers have also come to invest, which makes the paper strength of Dalian team increase a lot. But how do you knead it? At least it didnt show up against Henan Jianye Team. In particular, the same three foreign aid, Karasko, Hamsik and Boateng basically do not have any chemical reaction between them, but more on the field alone, and Henan Jianye teams foreign aid formed a sharp contrast. This is one of them.

Secondly, from the point of view of the game, Dalian team has many problems in the midfield, that is, lack of ball control, lack of organization. In this match, the Dalian team adopted the 4141 formation, after Yang Shanpings red card, it became the 441 formation, that is, Qin Sheng retreated to become a central guard. In this line-up, Qin Sheng as a defensive player, defense, interception may be their strengths, but the organization of attack, passing and catching the ball, is not his strong point. Zhao Xuri in front of him is not an organizational midfielder, but also belongs to the engineer type. Hamsik, who is behind Boateng, is not good at organizing and controlling the ball, but is more good at pushing forward and shooting. Normally, if the two centre-backs of Dalian team can have certain organizational ability, the situation will be completely different. But whether it is Yang Shanping or Li Jianbin, the living at his feet has always been afraid to be complimented. Therefore, in the competition, we can see more direct big feet of Dalian team.

Therefore, we can see that the Dalian sides midfield is basically out of control, and does not have any advantage in the competition with the Jianye team. The midfield is out of control and the centre-back is not organized, so there is no good attack method for Dalian team except for two sides, and the side breakthrough is easy to be defended by the other side without the cooperation of the middle. The efficiency of Dalians attack is not high, so its normal.

Of course, fortunately, the Dalian team got 1 point from the away field, but Im afraid it will take a long time for the whole team to run in. Especially for the revitalized Dalian football team, there is too much work to do now. One point is the result of the teams not giving up, plus some good luck to help. But luck alone may not last long, and it still needs to be solved from the teams own point of view.

Source: Editor-in-Charge of Madexing: Xu Song_NS1943