Zhao Wanping, deputy of the NPC, promulgated special laws on online game management as soon as possible

 Zhao Wanping, deputy of the NPC, promulgated special laws on online game management as soon as possible

Zhao Wanping said that among more than 300 million teenagers in China, countless have fallen into the network trap, and a large number of rural children are obsessed with it. In the virtual world created by online games, children can get married, fall in love, even kill and set fire at will. All actions need not bear any responsibility and consequences.

Children will confuse virtual reality with reality and bring everything from virtual to real society. Zhao Wanping raised concerns that online games may lead to mental illness, causing great harm to the mind, body and society, just like drugs, and even more toxic than drugs.

However, in order to pursue high profits, network platforms and game developers often invest a lot of money in developing games and carefully set traps among them, but they have no time to leave half a door for the supervision of society and parents.

Zhao Wanping said that there are only Interim Measures for the Management of Online Games and Opinions on Strictly Regulating Online Games in China, and the legislation is still blank. It is difficult for a temporary or opinion to control the proliferation of online games.

The harmfulness of online games to individuals, families and even society makes it the common expectation of families and society to enact relevant laws as soon as possible in order to regulate the development and control of online games and protect the legitimate rights and interests of the people, especially the majority of young people.

Therefore, Zhao Wanping suggests that relevant legislation investigation and research should be carried out as soon as possible, special laws should be promulgated to regulate the management of online games as soon as possible, and the Regulations on the Protection of MinorsNetwork should be promulgated and implemented as soon as possible. The supervision and legislation of online games are imminent.

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