Harden: Its a perfect time for the Rockets to be in their best health.

 Harden: Its a perfect time for the Rockets to be in their best health.

Its really, really great to have a full squad and play well, Harden said. Its a perfect time now.

We didnt have the chance to go any further, but now its a perfect time for us to keep going one step further, seize a trend and rush into the playoffs.

The Rockets had a longer winning streak before, with six successive wins in December and January, but Harden emphasized that it was important for the Rockets to be in good shape at this time. Paul has not been affected by injuries, Capellas comeback status is constantly improving, Hardens own performance is not to mention, although Champert and Farid did not play today because of minor injuries, but Harden feels that the Rockets are currently running in the best level of the season.

Weve caught up with the rhythm now, Harden said. Despite all the injuries and ups and downs weve had throughout the season, weve finally found the rhythm, whether offensive or defensive. Its great.

It feels good that we are all healthy at last. We all know our roles. We play defense very well. We help each other and we communicate with each other on the court. Thats the most important thing.

We were in 14th place before, but everyone knew we couldnt end up in that position, Tucker said. So we just need to find ourselves, a new team, a new lineup, a lot of different things. Weve been saying all season that even if we were 14th, well continue to fight and play our own basketball until April.