Yang Zhenhe, the descendant of Yangs Taiji: The promotion of traditional Wushu needs to keep pace with the times

 Yang Zhenhe, the descendant of Yangs Taiji: The promotion of traditional Wushu needs to keep pace with the times

Whether traditional Wushu can actually fight is the focus of many peoples debate. In this regard, Yang Zhenhe said that it has a lot to do with whether martial arts practitioners really work hard to practice techniques. If you practice professionally, you will have a sense of attack and defense, so as to protect yourself against each other.

Wushu is not a days work, and it takes more hard work to achieve martial arts excellence. Yang Zhenhe said that nowadays Chinese people practice martial arts mostly out of interest and hobbies. Few people really devote themselves to martial arts. Many people havent practiced their Kungfu at home and have not accumulated enough. How to deal with the actual combat?

In view of the phenomenon that some people are famous for their poor martial arts and seek benefits in the name of traditional martial arts, Yang Zhenhe believes that no good title can cover up the lack of their ability, and these people can not represent the image of traditional martial arts.

Yang Zhenhe said that the main purpose of developing traditional Wushu is to strengthen the body.

Tai Chi, for example, is practiced mainly for health preservation and longevity. Yang Zhenhe also said that traditional Wushu contains the spirit of promoting righteousness and positive progress, which is also worth promoting in modern society.

The Wulin depicted in a large number of literary and artistic works stimulates peoples yearning for martial arts, but Yang Zhenhe believes that the artistic presentation of martial arts in film and television works makes people expect too much of martial arts. The promotion of traditional Wushu should remove mystification and restore its original appearance.

Compared with many competitive sports, the current development of traditional Wushu is not high. Yang Zhenhe said that promoting Wushu also needs to keep pace with the times.

Now some people develop dance Tai chi, Yoga Tai Chi and so on to meet peoples diverse needs, which is also an innovation. Yang Zhenhe metaphorically said that traditional Wushu is like a tree, which has its trunk and branches.

Yang Zhenhe also said that the development of traditional Wushu can not be separated from the strong support of the government. For example, Taijiquan Township in Handan, Hebei Province, Taijiquan into the campus activities, to popularize Taijiquan knowledge to teenagers, improve physical and mental health.

Wushu is a part of Chinas excellent culture and a representative of the countrys soft power. We hope that more people will appreciate the charm of traditional Wushu, Yang Zhenhe said.