Eighteen students set up a group to buy lottery tickets, of which 6.18 million yuan were paid out to buy tickets, and each had its own division of labor.

 Eighteen students set up a group to buy lottery tickets, of which 6.18 million yuan were paid out to buy tickets, and each had its own division of labor.

The lottery tickets were raised by 18 small partners from Yibin, who were about half a century old and grew up together.

Together, they set up a group, divided labor and cooperated, managed money, produced names, and bought tickets, but unexpectedly they won more than 6 million prizes.

More than 6 million students returned to Yibin party in the evening.

Happy, of course.

Look at him. Im sure he didnt sleep well last night.

After 1:00 p.m., a dozen men and women gathered in the first floor lobby of Sichuan welfare lottery distribution center. They won the double-color ball prize through joint purchasing, with a prize of 6182,371 yuan. With irrepressible laughter, they took pictures of the winning brands and sent them to the Wechat group.

When she was led from the first floor to the third floor lobby to take photos, a woman rushed back. She left her handbag on the reception counter and laughed at the others in the group: Dont even giggle if you win the prize!

They left Yibin at 8:30 a.m. and went straight to the Provincial Welfare Lottery Distribution center. After 12 noon, they had a simple meal. Come back to Yibin in the evening and have a party and a big meal! Mrs. Chen shouted. Turning around, she went to discuss the details of the party with other students.

Output, ticket purchase, financial division of labor so far each person has paid 500 yuan

Buying lottery tickets in groups should start at the end of 2017.

In November of that year, a student surnamed Xu won more than 10 million by way of joint purchase. He invited us to dinner, and at that dinner we discussed, and we could all buy lottery tickets. Ms. Chen, the group leader, recalled.

There is a lottery station near Ms. Gaos home. She is in charge of buying lottery tickets. A classmate in Xiamen is in charge of recommendation number. As the group leader, Ms. Chen said, If there is not enough money, I will ask you to pay for it. Among the students, a person with financial experience is responsible for the management of the lottery funds. The initial fund was 100 yuan for each of the 18 people. One of the students said about the mentality at that time: 100 yuan pressure is not big, really won the prize is a good thing, did not win should be contributed to the national welfare cause.

The first time I bought it, the second time I bought more than 200. Mr. Liu, of the 18, remembers very well. By the third time, Twelve thousand eight. After winning the lottery, each person was divided into 500 yuan, and the remaining money was kept by finance as the lottery fund after that.

Sometimes whoever feels good can recommend their number to the group. Ms. Li introduced the mechanism of buying lottery tickets in groups. Someone sent the number, and then everybody said their opinions, a few sets of numbers spelled out a number. After confirmation, Ms. Gao will buy it. But more often than not, the number they bought came from the recommendation of their little partner in Xiamen. Hes the head of a company, and he likes to study it.

From the first time I bought the prize, in the impression of Ms. Gao, everyone only paid 500 yuan in total.

Joy and surprise, Like a dream

The first person to know that the winner was a small partner in Xiamen.

In the evening, he called me to say that he won the prize. I couldnt believe it. I thought it was a joke. Gao, who is in charge of buying lottery tickets, holds the lottery tickets and finds the winning numbers one by one. Shes still nervous. After confirming that she won the lottery, she sent her handwritten lottery number to the group and said, Yes, my classmates.

Its stressful, happy and scary. Ms. Gao explained that because her husband was on a business trip, she was the only one at home last night. The lottery is here with me, and Im afraid the bad guys will take it away. I told my classmates in the group, dont tell others first. In surprise and delight, Ms. Gao slept for only a few hours at night. When she woke up the next day, she said, It was like having a dream. She looked at the chat records in the group to make sure it was true.

Ms. Chen, the group leader, couldnt resist it. She usually takes a rest after ten oclock. She doesnt sleep until one oclock in the morning and wakes up after four oclock in the morning. Her husband is also a classmate and one of 18 people, so their family is a double bonus.

Excited ah, want to share with you, in Weixin and many relatives said that winning the prize. But her excitement was not very contagious. They didnt believe it, and one of my nieces said,You dont believe it when you kill me. Ms. Chen only told her niece, Tomorrow I will go to Chengdu to receive the prize.

It was agreed that Lao Xu, who had won tens of millions of prizes in the lottery distribution center before, came late in Chengdu. Ordinary mentality. He said.

Two winners: I feel good.

Everybody: Well come again.

This time, according to the calculation of a man who participated in the joint purchase, the average person can get more than 275,000 yuan in addition to tax. Without much discussion, we agreed that each person would only get 275,000 yuan, leaving odds for later parties and lottery money.

Lao Xu feels good. I think we still need to win. Others shouted at the camera: Well come again.

Xiaobian admitted that he had calculated it carefully.

How to divide more than 6 million dollars?

But whats the use of that?

There are no editors in the 18 people...

Hey, Id better move the bricks honestly.

Source: Pan Qingqing_NBJS5830, responsible editor of Chengdu Business Daily