Cheng Jianping, CPPCC member: Chinas dark matter research is expected to lead the world in the future

 Cheng Jianping, CPPCC member: Chinas dark matter research is expected to lead the world in the future

Dark matter is compared to dark clouds in the sky of physics in the 21st century. It is like a ghost particle, a substance proposed in theory that neither emits nor absorbs or reflects light in the universe.

So far, however, no team in the world has claimed to have discovered dark matter. There are two possibilities in the future. One is that scientists discover that it exists, the other is that research proves that it does not exist. Whatever the result, it is of great significance to the existing physics. Cheng Jianping said.

The international team for dark matter detection has entered an accelerated race. Cheng Jianping told reporters that at present, there are more than ten major international project teams engaged in dark matter research all over the world, and the competition is fierce.

Last year, the detection sensitivity of dark matter experiment in Jinping Underground Laboratory of China refreshed the international level. Before long, it was surpassed by foreign teams. The sensitivity level is dynamic, and the frequency of refreshing these dynamic records is getting faster and faster.

Cheng Jianping said that the laboratory is expanding on a large scale, and the second phase of the project is expected to be put into operation in 2021. The CDEX project proposes a tonnage plan, that is, the detection instrument should be upgraded from the existing kilogram to tonnage, which means that Chinas ability to capture ghost particles will also achieve a qualitative leap.

Cheng Jianping said that after the completion of the new Jinping Underground Laboratory in China, more international teams will be attracted to explore. It will also serve as a comprehensive platform for research on the frontier scientific issues in the world, such as dark matter, neutrinos and nuclear astrophysics. Chinese scientists can use this unique international first-class platform to conduct leading-edge research with their international counterparts.

With the help of the platform of the CPPCC National Committee, he suggested that the relevant state departments perfect and perfect the policies and regulations for international scientists to carry out scientific experiments in China, such as the entry and exit of large-scale equipment into and out of customs, the medical security of foreign scientists in China and so on. At the same time, he suggested that financial support be given to other soft expenditures of project personnel.

Can China take the lead in discovering dark matter in the world? In this regard, Cheng Jianping believes that no one dares to say whether he can take the lead in discovering it, but opportunities must favor those who are prepared. The more sensitive the experiment, the greater the probability of discovery, he said.