Fees for salesmen in a small district of Chongqing: No fees have been charged for safety incidents

 Fees for salesmen in a small district of Chongqing: No fees have been charged for safety incidents

The gate of Shangpi Shilu District. The pictures in this article are all by Yang Chunjiao, a journalism intern from Pengmei.

Because the property charges the salesman 1 yuan for wear and tear of equipment, Chongqing Yubei Districts Shangshang Shilu district has recently attracted attention.

Notices were posted in the Top Grade Pick-up Land district, and no takeout motorcycles were allowed to enter the district.

Property: Report to Price Department for approval before charging

Shangpin Shilu District, located at 33 Xingsheng Avenue, Yubei District, Chongqing, covers an area of 480,000 square meters with 16 residential buildings and 4873 households.

Maps show that the shape of the community is similar to the capital letter A, with a total of East Gate 1, Northeast Gate 2, Southeast Gate, Southwest Gate and Gate 3. Among them, the east gate is nearest to one and two, the Northeast gate is nearest to three and four, and the third gate is nearest to 13.

A visit by a Pengchao journalist found that the terrain of the district was not entirely flat, and it took ten minutes to walk around the district. In addition, the district is designed according to the separation of pedestrians and vehicles. It has a special motor lane, which is separated from the pedestrian road by ground piles. The road inside the community is also equipped with pull rods to block motorcycle traffic.

According to Wang Shunbo, assistant of the Property Order Department of the community, since the end of October last year, a charge of 1 yuan per time has been imposed on the takeaway who rides into the community.

The fee was due to several accidents in the community, and the takeaway hit the owner by bicycle. Wang Shunbo recalled that one of the accidents happened in August last year. Because the takeaway was unwilling to take responsibility for the accident, the injured owner came to the property for accountability and blamed the poor management of the property.

Owners Committee has not yet been set up, so the property owners of the residential area are asked for their opinions at the front desk of the Property Management Office. Wang Shunbo said that two-thirds of the owners who expressed their opinions required strict control of property takeouts to ride into the community, while one-third of the owners wanted the property to allow takeouts to ride into the community to deliver meals in order to reduce waiting time.

After researching the property of the district, it was decided to charge 1 yuan for the takeaway who rode a motorcycle into the district to deliver meals. Prior to the implementation of the fee, the property was submitted to the local price department for approval.

This is a special case for us. We didnt start charging until we got the approval. In response to the statement of equipment wear and tear fee, Wang Shunbo said that releasing motorcycles into residential areas would cause machine wear and power loss.

Wang Shunbo said that the fee is not compulsory. If the takeaway is not in a hurry and chooses to deliver meals on foot, he does not have to pay for it and can enter after completing the registration. Of course, the money-paying takeaway can not run rampant, but also obey the traffic rules and pay attention to avoid pedestrians.

Wang Shunbo said that since four months of charging, the number of takeaway motorcycles entering the community has decreased significantly, charging about 20 yuan a day to the salesmen, and so far the cumulative charge is about 2400 yuan, which does not include the package month fee paid by the takeaway platform. This part of the income belongs to the owners public income, not to the property.

The railings set up in the District of Top Grade Land Collection are designed to prevent motorcycles from passing through.

Takeaway Clerk: Usually not willing to take orders from the community.

If we only earn a few dollars by sending a single, the property will be charged one yuan. Xiao Gao, a takeaway clerk, said that he usually does not take orders from this community unless there are more than two orders.

Xiao Gao felt that the improper practice of property is that the property does not charge money when he rides in, but only when he comes out, he collects money from the salesman, and he cant go out without paying.

Xiao Li, a takeout clerk, said that he had delivered takeout to many places, which was the only district that offered to charge for cycling in. Xiao Li said, After charging, I will not ride a bicycle and walk in. But the time is much slower than before. Just sent the bill, in the community walked for more than ten minutes.

Several takeouts told Peng Mei News that if the time was urgent, they would choose to pay to ride in. If the time was not in time, they would not pay. Walking, a round trip may take more than 20 minutes, but also tired. Xiao Zhang, a takeaway clerk, said.

Xiao Qi, a takeaway salesman, feels that they serve the owners as well. Now many owners say that we are overtime, but we cant. We have to deduct money for overtime. Because of this, we are often overtime now.

In the view of Xiao Zhang, the takeout salesman, they are in a hurry to deliver the takeout, and they have no time to ask about property theory and clarity. He said: From the start of charging in this district, we and the company do not want to take the single in this district, are discussing whether there are other community charges.

Xiao Wang, a takeout clerk, believes that the property can not only be targeted at their takeout clerks, but also that there are motor vehicles in the community, which will also pose a threat to the personal safety of the owners of the community.

Some takeouts suggested that in the case of top-quality picking up land residential areas, several fixed takeaway points could be set up in the residential areas, but in this way, although it is convenient for takeouts and property, it is likely to cause objections from the owners.

On February 28, a takeout was registered at the entrance of the Shangpi Shilu District.

Owners: Safety awareness should be raised, not banned.

Mr. Kong, the owner of the community, told Peng Mei News that if the property is really for the safety of the owners, then motorcycles should be banned directly.

The owner, Mr. Lin, learns from the takeaway that the district collects equipment wear-out fees. Mr. Lin said that he was asked for one yuan once for his delivery brother. After listening to the explanations of the takeaway, Mr. Lin felt that it was not easy for the takeaway, so he gave him one yuan.

In Mr. Lins opinion, it is unreasonable for the property to charge the salesman for delaying the delivery of meals, which may also be passed on to the owner.

The owner, Mr. Lu, said he had seen several times when property was charged to salesmen. Sometimes there will be some contradictions, which will make everyone uneasy.

Ms. Liu, the owner, said that the best way was to raise the safety awareness of takeaway workers, reduce speed and drive carefully in the neighborhood, rather than charging or banning it.

On March 2, a takeout waiter was walking to deliver meals in the Wanke District.

Takeaway Platform: Strict Control of RidersTraffic Behavior in the Area

According to the American Regiment takeout staff, there are three takeout sites on the platform to provide distribution services for the top-grade pickup land community. Before that, these sites have been taking the form of package month, with a monthly fee of hundreds of yuan, once a quarter to pay property.

The staff said that in addition to the top-grade pick-up land district, there were other districts in Chongqing that charged riders for takeout. For example, one district property in Chongqing once charged riders a lift ride fee of 1 yuan a time. Some districts also charged riders privately for security, so that riders could enter the district to deliver meals by electric bicycle after paying the fee. All these actions set artificial obstacles for the rider to deliver meals.

The above staff said, Takeaway platform provides customers with great convenience in dining, and it is our duty to deliver delicious meals to users in time. We will strictly control the riders traffic behavior in the community, and sincerely hope that the community property can give more understanding and cooperation.

Hungry takeaway staff said that the platform will actively cooperate with the property management regulations of the community, providing users with a better dining experience.

Peng Mei News learned that the practice of forbidding takeout workers to ride bicycles into the community is not unique in Chongqing. Many districts in Yubei District, such as Longhu Crystal Ruicheng District, Beimonggu District, Xingmao Shibeichen District, Wanke City District and Yorkshire District, do not allow takeout to enter the district by bicycle; Xiexin Acadia District in Yuzhong District allows takeout to enter the garage by bicycle; Longhu Time Hui District in Yuzhong District is an open district, so takeout can ride to the residential buildings.

In addition, the Huxi Campus of Chongqing University does not allow takeouts to ride into the school to deliver meals, while the University Town Campus of Chongqing Normal University allows takeouts to ride into the campus.

In order to solve the problem of taking-out riders entering the community, the company launched a community guard system, according to the American Regiment takeout staff. The system can display the number of riders in the community, the real-time position of each rider and the specific time when the rider enters and exits the community in real time. By inquiring the historical records, property owners and security guards can also find out the total number of riders entering and leaving the community one day, and better monitor the behavior of riders in the community.

Take-out motorcycles parked at the entrance of Shangpi Shilu District.

Progress: Stop charging and prohibit takeout from riding bicycles into residential areas

On February 28, Peng Mei News saw a Notice on the Prohibition of Takeaway Motorcycles Entering the Residential Quarter (hereinafter referred to as Notice) in the main entrances and exits of Shangpi Shilu District and the posters on each floor.

Notice said that because take-out motorcycles frequently enter the community and the speed is too fast, often affecting the safety of the owners of the community. Owners strongly request property companies to control the sale of motorcycles. From now on, if takeout motorcycles are forbidden to enter the community, please park the motorcycles consciously outside the gate at designated locations to jointly maintain the security of the community.

The notice was made by the Shanghai 16 Management Office of Chongqing Top Quality Property Management Co., Ltd. and the date of payment was February 26.

Wang Shunbo said that after the incident attracted the attention of netizens, the staff of the street, community and housing administration all came to the community to learn about the situation. The property has stopped charging according to the requirements and standardized the delivery behavior of the takeaway.

Wang Shunbo also said that the property company is still working on a solution, considering that there are some couriers living in the community, how to deal with their motorcycles.

Ms. Li, a community worker at Longtou Temple in the district, said that after visiting by community grids, many owners of the district believed that the traffic behavior of takeouts in the district should be controlled.

Ms. Li believes that the takeaway should reflect, We can understand that the takeaway is to rush to deliver the meal to customers as soon as possible, but we cant ride a bicycle on the sidewalk and run backwards.

Ms. Li said that the owners had reflected the problem of taking-out salesmen riding bicycles to the property, but did not attract the attention of the property. After the accident, there were more owners reflecting the problem, and the property adopted the method of charging fees.

Ms. Li also said that the community is currently looking for ways to innovate and achieve better management.

Source of this article: Peng Mei News Responsible Editor: Ji Guojie_NBJ11143