When a woman saw her predecessor being detained by her cohabiting boyfriend, she beat her boyfriend: because I love her so much

 When a woman saw her predecessor being detained by her cohabiting boyfriend, she beat her boyfriend: because I love her so much

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Save me! When a woman saw her predecessor being detained and beaten by her cohabiting boyfriend for several days, she loved her too much.

On the evening of February 12, Mr. Han of Heilongjiang Province received a letter from his cousin, which contained the address of Dalian and the contents of Danger, save me, dont reply. Mr. Han and several relatives/relatives rushed to Dalian overnight and reported to the police at Lingshui Police Station.

Ms. Hans address is a residents home in Lingshui Police Station. After the police entered the house, they found Ms. Han in the bedroom and a man, Ding Mou, the owner of the house. The police found Ms. Han in a room and found that she had many scars on her face and body. She was naked and mentally retarded. When the police asked about the situation, she could not express it.

Subsequently, Ms. Hans family sent her to the hospital for treatment. Police believe that Ding Mou is suspected of committing a crime, so they bring him back to the police station.

After investigation, Ms. Han, 26, is from Heilongjiang Province. She came to Dalian to work last year. Three months ago, she met Ding Mou, a 32-year-old man, through chat software. They soon established a love relationship and lived together.

When Ms. Han returned home during the Spring Festival, because she did not get in touch with Ding Mou in time, Ding Mou doubted it. After Ms. Han returned to Dalian from her hometown in Heilongjiang Province, Ding Mou went forward to question Ms. Hans specific reasons and beat her.

During the forced questioning process, Ding Mou learned that Ms. Han had met her ex-boyfriend when she returned home during the Spring Festival, and was furious. In the following eight days, he controlled Ms. Han, took strict care of her and beat her repeatedly.

Zhang Yanjun, deputy director of Lingshui Police Station, said: Video surveillance shows it. Beginning at 10:39 p.m. on Feb. 9, Ding Mou beat Ms. Han in the underground parking lot downstairs of his house. The plot was very bad. She punched and kicked. It lasts more than 20 minutes.

During this period, Ding Mou also asked Ms. Han for a 5,000 yuan break-up fee, but when the money arrived, she was still reluctant to spare Ms. Han. On the evening of the 12th, Ms. Han finally found the opportunity to secretly use her mobile phone to send a rescue message to her cousin, then deleted the information record, Ding Mou did not notice, Ms. Han was finally rescued by the police.

Suspect Ding Mou: At that time, I felt angry and impulsive. Why did I do it because I loved her so much? I dont want to lose her. I want her to know that its wrong for her to do so. She should be serious with me, because Im serious with her.

Civilian police introduced that Ding Mou was suspected of a series of illegal and criminal acts, including intentional injury, illegal detention and robbery, etc. At present, the criminal suspect Ding Mou has been criminal detention.

Source: Look at the News Responsible Editor: Ji Guojie_NBJ11143