British Trade Minister: Necessity of Extension

 British Trade Minister: Necessity of Extension

The date of Britains formal departure from the EU on March 29 is approaching, and whether Britain can leave Europe as scheduled is still uncertain. On the 3rd, a British official said that at present, it seems that Britain is more likely to postpone its delisting from Europe.

Earlier, British Prime Minister Teresa May said that the British Parliament would vote for a second time on the de-Europe agreement before 12 this month. If the agreement still fails to pass at that time, members of Parliament will be asked to decide in the next two days whether to de-EU without agreement or to postpone de-EU. Britains trade minister Liam Fox said Wednesday that it is still entirely possible for Britain to leave Europe on March 29 as scheduled, but in order to ensure that Britain can leave Europe smoothly, it is necessary to appropriately postpone the leave Europe date. At the same time, he said that considering the European Parliament elections to be held at the end of May, the European Union may not agree that Britains delayed de-EU date has been pushed too far.

Premier Ai: Leaving Europe is likely to be postponed to June.

Irish Prime Minister Leo Valladka recently told the media that it was very possible for the UK to postpone the deadline for leaving Europe from March 29 to June, Irish media reported on Wednesday.

Source: Responsible Editor of CCTV News Mobile Network: Li Hang_BJS 4645