Trumps action of holding the national flag again is a little tiger but bitter in heart?

 Trumps action of holding the national flag again is a little tiger but bitter in heart?

Everything showed that Trump had come for comfort.

The pictures are from Visual China.

Trump once again embraced the American flag.

On March 2, Trump attended the Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland. As soon as he came on the stage, he held the flag behind the podium, and then delivered his longest speech so far in his term of office, a two-hour speech without a manuscript.

This is the second time that he has adopted this dynamic LOGO since he delivered a speech on immigration at the American Federation of Independent Enterprises on June 19 last year.

This eye-catching action, of course, will be seen as a strong position expression, and easy to operate.

Trump painted the flag with his children at the Ohio National Childrens Hospital in August last year, but it turned out to be a mistake. The technique of holding the flag in a bear is much less difficult.

Why does Trump show such strong body language at this time?

1. The Conservative Political Action Conference is a good occasion

Everyone knows to do the right thing in the right place, and conservative political action meetings are the right occasion.

The conference is a regular meeting organized by ACU, the oldest conservative lobby organization in the United States, and is usually attended by Republican supporters.

ACU not only organizes meetings, but also scores American politicians every year. They usually stare very hard at the words and deeds of congressmen for a year to see if they meet conservative standards. A score of more than 80 points is an ACU conservative -- a certified conservative.

I dont know how the conservative criteria of ACU are refined into scoring items. Because the concept of conservatism is hard to define. The same is true of American conservatives.

But roughly speaking, there are two points: one is to maintain free will and traditional order; the other is to make the Democratic Party uncomfortable. The second point is that it can be refined into a number of scoring items.

So its no surprise that Trump is a frequent guest at the Conservative Conference on Political Action. In addition, he has attended the regular meeting three times. They are acquaintances, who have some strong body movements or intense tucks, and do not have to be afraid of others criticism.

When Trump Bareng held up the national flag, he really had a lot of tucking up.

Information map. The pictures are irrelevant. The pictures are from Visual China.

Two, two hours Tucao is seeking comfort.

At this conservative political action conference, Trump came up with another golden sentence: They want to kill me with cow dung.

They refers to the Democratic side.

Recently, Democrats have been bombarded: former Federal Reserve Chairman Jeremy Yellen, contrary to the chairmans low-key tradition, rarely fired shots that Trump did not understand economics and Federal Reserve policy; former Secretary of State Kerry publicly criticized Trump for ignoring diplomacy and humiliating the United States.

Dont criticize Trump for not knowing anything. Looking at Trumps remarks, one of his favorite sentences is No one knows better than me... For example, No one knows finance better than I do, No one knows interest rate better than I do and so on. Say he doesnt understand, such as reverse dragon scale.

To Trumps displeasure, the Democratic Party revoked his national emergency order in the House of Representatives during his visit to Vietnam.

So at the meeting, Trump used adjectives at the level of sick, crazy, dirty to fight back against his political opponents. Its not reasoning, maybe its venting.

For more than a dozen politicians on the Democratic Party side who are eager to announce their candidacy, Trump also proudly said that he would be re-elected and win more votes than he did in the first general election. No data were cited.

Everything shows that Trump came here for comfort.

Of course, too grievance is not because of private grievances, but purely for the country, so as to make a cant go on like this, through the storm of love roar. No matter what he said, he won applause and cheers from supporters.

Bear holding the national flag is so effective that it has absolutely the potential to become a prescribed movement.

3. Trump has the richest body language among all previous presidents

Trump is one of the most abundant body language speakers in American presidents.

The famous handshake killing is one of them. So much so that French President Mark Long and Trump had a special practice in front of their first meeting. In 2017, both sides had a killer and smiling handshake for up to 25 seconds. After that, Macron declared himself the winner.

This is credible because the media caught Trump with Mark Longs fingerprints in his hands. In 2018, they competed again and Mark Long won again.

The OK gesture is another. Trump loves to make OK gestures with one or both hands during his speech.

Body linguists may interpret it as a sign language that implies everything is in control.

Looking in the opposite direction is another. Last years NATO summit took a family photo, while other leaders looked at one side, only Trump looked at the other. Comments seriously wrote: This photo may be a symbol of this NATO summit, which means that the atmosphere is not harmonious. Trump is indeed an American exceptionalist in NATO affairs.

Of course, American presidents have more or less body language in public. This is the result of electoral training and image counseling.

Bush was particularly fond of touching his head, probably to show kindness. Obama likes to fight with others, which is about to highlight the characteristics of ethnic minorities, and it seems to be energetic. Another well-known shape of Obama is to brush his legs on the oval desk of the White House, which means that he is completely in control of the situation and familiar with it.

However, compared with Trump, they are less dramatic and conflicting.

The way bears hold flags is enough to crush some of their predecessors. This is a vivid case of the new political ecology in the Internet age. The more dramatic it is, the better it will be.

Source: Author of New Beijing News: Xu Lifan, Editor-in-Charge: Li Hang_BJS 4645