Both close and far wars can be considered! The U.S. Army will be equipped with a new multi-purpose rifle

 Both close and far wars can be considered! The U.S. Army will be equipped with a new multi-purpose rifle

Reference News Network reported on March 4 that the website of Star-Spangled Banner published a report entitled New Army Rifles for More Purposes in Combat on February 17, which is compiled as follows:

US Army Sergeant James Snow usually carries an M4 carbine and an M110 sniper rifle on combat missions. When using the M4 carbine, he knew he could only hit the target as far as 300 meters. But when using M110 sniper rifle, his maneuverability will be greatly reduced, and it will take a lot of time to disassemble and assemble the long rifle.

In January, Snow had the opportunity to try out the Armys new class precision shooter rifle (SDM-R). He said that after a few days of testing the gun, he believed that the SDM-R rifle could meet the needs of both weapons he had previously used. It not only has strong maneuverability and melee suppression ability like M4 carbine gun, but also can snipe targets accurately at long distance like M110 sniper rifle.

With SDM-R rifles, you can march easily and you can do a lot of things, Snow said. If I had such a rifle, I would take it with me every day. It would make it easy to deal with all kinds of situations.

This is the ideal weapon that the U.S. Army wants to equip its combat teams with - an infantry, armored, reconnaissance and Combat Engineer class that can deliver accurate firepower over a range of 300 to 600 meters without sacrificing the repressive ability to hit closer targets.

The necessary requirements for such rifles were confirmed in the Light Weapons Assessment Report of 2015. Infantry squads must have the ability to shoot accurately at specific targets within 600 meters, the assessment reported.

In February, the U.S. Army completed a two-week test of the SDM-R rifle in Brisburg, Texas. The Army is making a final decision on what ammunition and accessories to use for the rifle. The Executive Office of Single Soldier Operational Systems is responsible for guiding the research and development of new Army equipment. Captain Sean McIntosh, assistant project manager for individual weapons projects in the office, said the Army would purchase 6612 SDM-R rifles for infantry, armored, reconnaissance and combat engineering teams.

McIntosh began assisting in the management of new rifle projects in September 2017. The challenge we face is to try to achieve as many capabilities as possible through a rifle system, he said.

This new type of rifle can not replace any weapon in the U.S. Army, but can provide unique capabilities for the U.S. infantry class. In each nine-man infantry squad, precision shooters now carry an M16 assault rifle or EBR sniper rifle. These weapons will soon be replaced by a new SDM-R rifle manufactured by the German company Heckler-Koch (HK). The gun, weighing about 5.4 kilograms with accessories and measuring 0.9 meters in length, was developed on the basis of HK Companys compact semi-automatic sniper system.

HKs SDM-R rifle was tested in Brisburg for two weeks. It aims to improve the effective range of soldiers, and also has the ability of close combat. The 1st Stryker brigade-level combat brigade of the 1st Armored Division was selected by the US Army Command as the first battle brigade equipped with this new weapon system. This rifle is designed to be more compact and lighter than previous models. It includes an image-enhanced night vision sight to ensure operational capability during night operations.

By contrast, M16 assault rifles are lighter, weighing about 3.6 kilograms and measuring about 1 meter in length. The M110 sniper rifle weighs about 7.3 kilograms and is about 1.16 meters long. Other infantry carry M4 carbines weighing about 3.2 kilograms and measuring about 0.8 meters in length.

McIntoshs team also wanted to make sure that the new rifle was the weapon soldiers wanted to carry.

McIntosh said: This system is designed for soldiers. All the tactical parts of the rifle were chosen by the soldiers themselves. We tried to provide them with everything they needed to fight.

Some of the tactical accessories chosen by the soldiers include Siegel-Shaw (SIG) 1-6 times zoom sights, which can be used to target targets at different distances (without re-calibrating the sights), as well as Geselle-branded Pikatini rails and trigger systems.

Robert Schupp, assistant captain of the U.S. Army Shooting Team Training Team in Fort Benning, Georgia, traveled to Brisburg to test the SDM-R rifle and to assist in the preparation of a training manual for the new type of rifle. He also believes that it has great potential to fill the multi-functional role of weapons needed by infantry classes.

Three infantry squads form a platoon, which is generally divided into two fire brigades. One soldier in the class operates the grenade launcher. Another soldier is equipped with light machine guns. The third soldier is an infantry soldier.

Precision shooters are an integral part of the infantry squad. He will march and fight with you. He exists to help fill thefire gapbetween ordinary infantry and snipers and to provide precise fire within 300 to 600 meters when they need it, Schupp said. (Compiler/Longjun)

DATA FIGURE: US new class precision shooter rifle (SDM-R)

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