US Army will equip Stryker armored vehicles with laser weapons Russian experts: superfluous

 US Army will equip Stryker armored vehicles with laser weapons Russian experts: superfluous

[Global Network Military March 4] According to RT TV on March 4, the Pentagon intends to develop high-energy laser weapons on the base of the Stryker armored vehicle, and requests for information about companies that can create related modules are posted on the US public procurement website.

Reported that the directive was formulated by the U.S. Strategic Command Space and Missile Defense Agency. The Pentagon plans to improve the efficiency of high-energy laser (HEL) devices, which are particularly interested in controlling laser beams and cooling laser weapons.

The Pentagon plans to acquire more of this type of compact weapon to equip it in the Stryker medium-sized tactical armored vehicle. In addition, the U.S. military expects the laser device to be deployed for no more than five minutes with a shooting interval of 0.02 seconds.

Russian military scientist Sergei Suvorov said that in the near future, laser is unlikely to become an effective and lethal tactical weapon, because many related technical problems have not yet been solved. Experts say: Modern lasers can easily shoot down tactical UAVs. But in my opinion, it is redundant and meaningless to use it to carry out this task. According to him, there are more economical ways to destroy UAVs. One of the weapons is Russias Albaret DM automatic machine gun, which can hit light air targets at a distance of about 2.5 kilometers. I cant imagine why Americans need to operate such complex weapons to fight, Suvorov said. To destroy small UAVs, similar to our Albaret would be very appropriate, without the need for weapons based on other physical principles. According to him, modern compact lasers do not have enough power to destroy armored vehicles.

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