Cheapest Tesla brought cars and CEO to bombard domestic car companies: Dont bother yourself.

 Cheapest Tesla brought cars and CEO to bombard domestic car companies: Dont bother yourself.

Every reporter Duan Siyao and every editor He Xiaotao

On March 1, Li, CEO of the car and his family, wanted to publicly bombard on the social platform. The electric vehicle company 60 km sustaining at the same speed was a disgraceful propaganda means. On the same day, Guangzhou Automobile New Energy Pre-sale released the key content of the publicity of IoS is 60 km/h, the longest endurance mileage of 630 km at the same speed.

Is this a coincidence? Gu Huinan, general manager of Guangzhou Automobile New Energy Co., Ltd., said in an interview with the media: We can calmly face the entry of foreign automobile manufacturers, and I am not afraid of domestic competition, because Guangzhou Automobile New Energy has always been in the forefront.

Li wants to say on the social platform: See many domestic car brands with a head and face, when promoting electric cars, they are still using 60 equal speed to publicize their own range...;; _________ Tesla has already hit the door... Lets stop doing these disgraceful propaganda.

In fact, 60 km/h constant speed endurance appears on almost every promotional page of electric vehicles. Are the 60 km/h sustainability that automobile companies have been touting deceptive?

Used tricks

Open bombardment of the electric car company 60 km sustained at the same speed, some people said that Li Xiangzhi is for the car and the first production vehicle ideal ONE momentum. On Car and Home Official Website, Ideal Intelligence ONE is known as No Mile Anxiety and provides more than 700 km of NEDC integrated range. This statement is different from the 60 km/h constant speed endurance advertised by most electric vehicle brands.

At present, 60 km/h sustaining at the same speed has become a common trick of many new energy vehicle enterprises. In addition to Guangzhou Automobile New Energy AionS mentioning 60 km/h constant speed endurance, Tengzis official network in the configuration introduction of Tengzi 500 models, also appeared the word 60 km/h uniform speed endurance mileage. In fact, most of the new energy vehicles currently on sale have the words 60 km/h endurance at the same speed in the configuration column.

60 km/h constant speed endurance is only a means of propaganda for automobile enterprises, and it does not represent the true range of vehicle endurance. Prince Dong, director of the National 863 Electric Vehicle Major Special Power Battery Testing Center, told the Daily Economic News (nbdnews): The 60 km/h constant speed endurance data is only the ideal endurance data obtained when the vehicle shuts down all electrical equipment and drives at 60 km/h in the most economical mode.

Automobile companies take the equal-speed range as their selling point. It is precisely to grasp the consumersanxiety about the range of electric vehicles, and to reduce consumers anxiety about the range of electric vehicles by using larger range numbers.

Interestingly, in many EV configurations, there will be NEDC next to 60 km/h constant speed endurance, which is often less than 60 km/h constant speed endurance.

Under the condition of 60 km/h constant speed, the maximum endurance range of AIonS is 630 km, while that of NEDC is 510 km; the 60 km/h uniform endurance range of Tengxuan 500 is 635 km, and that of NEDC under comprehensive operating conditions is only 451 km.

When I bought an electric car before, I was puzzled about this problem, and the salespeople in the store couldnt tell the difference between the two. A new energy owner told reporters.

Prince East told reporters that consumers in the process of buying electric vehicles, if there are these two mileage range, it is necessary to take the comprehensive operating conditions mileage as the criterion, this data is closer to the actual duration. At present, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) has asked the automobile enterprises to report the vehicle information mainly in the range of comprehensive working conditions.

Here comes the wolf

Li Xiangs high-profile artillery bombardment of 60 km/h sustainability has a lot to do with the arrival of Tesla Model 3. In the middle of last month, the first roll-on ships loaded with Model3 arrived at Tianjin Port, which means that delivery of Model3 has started in China.

On March 1, Tesla lowered the price of Model 3 in China by 26,000 to 44,000 yuan, and adjusted the price range to 407,000 to 516,000 yuan. On the same day, Tesla officially released its long-promised basic version of Tesla Model 3, selling for $35,000 (about RMB 234,000).

Li wants to predict that at the current exchange rate, the price of homemade Model 3 may be sold directly to 250,000-270,000 yuan (the price before subsidy).

Seeing Li Xiangs comments, netizens have exploded the pot. Some netizens said: Tesla has hit the door!

In fact, whether its Li Wan or netizensworries are not unreasonable. Teslas official website shows that Model3 has a range of 600 + km. Teslas published mileage is measured according to the conditions in Europe or the United States. Prince Dong told Daily Economic News.

It is understood that, compared with the domestic NEDC, the United States has a working condition called EPA, which is more stringent than the domestic working condition method. Previously, Tesla Model SP100D was measured by NEDC (i.e. the domestic working condition method), and its endurance was 613 km. According to the EPA standard of the United States, its endurance was only 507 km, with a full difference of 100 km.

This means that Teslas domestic production is not only a price threat to the domestic new energy car companies, but also the mileage consumers are most concerned about.

Source: Daily Economic News Responsible Editor: Yao Liwei_NT6056