Witness the strongest sales: After interviewing Dong Mingzhu, the reporter bought Geli Hotpot

 Witness the strongest sales: After interviewing Dong Mingzhu, the reporter bought Geli Hotpot

Su Shiyu, Report Group of the Two Sessions of this newspaper

On March 3, when the reporter met Dong Mingzhu, a deputy of the National Peoples Congress and chairman of Gree Electrical Appliances, in the Guangdong delegations residence, she was surrounded by a group of media colleagues to display her mobile phone. The online store sold more than 2 million yuan in less than a month. You see, I sold two more at 9:35:10. Speaking of this, she laughed and was confident.

Gree Electric encourages every employee to become a salesman, selling products and giving bonuses. The activity has been going on for nearly a month.

Asked why employees would be organized to open online stores together, Dong Mingzhu told reporters that Made in China must have more brands, brand support it is integrity, quality, technology. So let tens of thousands of employees open online stores, can quickly achieve real cohesion with consumers.

Dong Mingzhu said that Gree is to keep in mind its mission, consumers are the real God, to achieve the ultimate product, to satisfy consumers, so we can play a good role in this sales. Closer to consumers, consumers can feel the rapid response.

In the interview, Dong Mingzhu took out her mobile phone from time to time and looked at it. Im really sorry, since opening this online store, I will keep paying attention to it. You see, at 10:53:26, two more humidifiers were sold. With that, Dong Mingzhu showed his sales list to reporters. There were refrigerators, washing machines, automatic garbage cans and so on.

You see, how good the products here are. Several hot pots have been sold these days. In 2019, they are very popular with grille hot pots. Dong Mingzhus remark aroused a burst of laughter among journalists.

Come on, or lets add a tweet. Everyone will pay attention to my shop. Dong Mingzhu immediately showed her status as a salesman and took the initiative to throw olive branches to reporters.

Reporters found that Dong Mingzhus micro-mail avatar is his shop two-dimensional code, click on the scanning, in the Gree Distribution Mall Dong Mingzhus shop there are many goods, such as central air conditioning, air-energy water heater, refrigerator, washing machine, mobile phone, etc. The top three sales are Gree steam car washer, Dasong electric chafing dish and Dasong rice cooker.

When asked if she would get a commission on the product she sold, Dong Mingzhu blurted out, No, thats what I should do. If I create wealth, its for everyone.

In the whole process of interview, Dong Mingzhus entrepreneurship is so strong that it almost condenses out entity. Faced with the changes of the times, she emphasized that innovation is a self-challenge and innovation depends on herself; she was not afraid of failure in the face of innovation, and emphasized that a long journey begins at her feet; in the face of impetuous industries, she emphasized that only by adhering to her own principles can we achieve win-win situation; in the face of the more open situation, she stressed that the best place for investment in the world is in China. Faced with the speculation of successors from outside, she was confident and stressed that I believe those who can succeed me will only add points to the brand of Gree Electric Appliances.

At the end of the interview, the reporter opened the Gree Distribution Mall again, registered the account, purchased a Gree Hotpot, looking forward to the prosperity of 2019, but also looking forward to Gree creating more and more miracles in 2019.

Source: Liable Editor of Securities Daily: Yao Liwei_NT6056