Tesla reduced its price to more than 200,000 RMB! The customers were angry.

 Tesla reduced its price to more than 200,000 RMB! The customers were angry.

Tesla, with its own traffic, was on fire again these two days. Officials announced a series of price cuts, with a maximum reduction of 340,000 yuan.

Not only that, but the cheapest Tesla Standard Model 3 is on sale at a price of just over 200,000 yuan. Teslas series of actions, so that the automotive industry has exploded, industry forecasts, prices directly close to the market independent brand Tesla, or greatly erode the market share of independent brands.

At the same time, this years new energy subsidy policy will be introduced soon, or local subsidies will be abolished. Domestic competition in new energy market is intensifying, ushering in the era of naked swimming to strive for strength.

Buying a car is more exciting than buying stocks.

On the 3rd, a reporter from Beijing Daily came to the store of China Trade Center on Dawang Road in Tesla. Last weekend, there were more than ten customers who came to see and inquire about cars in small stores. Four or five staff members were busy receiving customers.

There are three sample cars on display in the shop, the middle of which is a sapphire blue recently normalized Model 3. A guest is sitting in the drivers seat, while the salesman next to him is explaining.

On February 22, Teslas entry-level model 3 officially landed in the Chinese market. On March 1, Tesla announced that the price of all models had been greatly increased. Among them, the price reduction range of Model3 was 26,000 yuan to 44,000 yuan, the price reduction range of ModelS was 113,000 yuan to 277,500 yuan, and the price reduction range of ModelX was 173,300 yuan to 341,000 yuan. Among them, the price reduction of 3411,000 yuan is ModelXP100D. This is the largest price reduction of Tesla series products since they entered China.

In this regard, netizens joke that buying cars is more stimulating than buying stocks, a wave of price cuts is really unprepared.

Model3 is nearly half cheaper than ModelS, and Tesla has a cheaper model on that basis. Recently, Tesla officially announced that the standard version of the Model 3 was officially launched. The starting price in the US market is 35,000 US dollars, about 230,000 RMB, with a duration of about 350 km and a maximum speed of about 210 km/h.

We just got the new energy target in February, and we are choosing cars. I think Tesla is better than the quality made in China. Wu, who pushed the baby carriage and a family came to see it, said.

Ms. Wu said that she worked near the China Trade Center. She never saw so many people watching cars in the shops when she passed by. Reporters asked shop staff when Model3, which is more than 200,000 yuan, will be on sale. The other side said it was not clear yet.

Lowering the price caused dissatisfaction among the old customers: 5 days of operation, loss of 200,000 yuan

However, Teslas rapid price cuts have also dented new car owners.

Weibo netizen Brine Taste Giant wrote that he lifted the ModelX on February 25 and lowered the official level by 1743,000 yuan on March 1, totaling only five days. Affected by the price reduction, it also includes tariffs, purchase tax, loan interest, insurance and so on. In fact, it has lost more than 200,000 yuan.

There are also many netizens Tucao on Baidus post office, micro-blog and other social platforms.

A customer said, We regard him as Porsche, he wants to be a Volkswagen Toyota, we underestimated his ambition at that time.

In response, Musk publicly responded that the owner who bought Tesla before the price reduction could buy an autopilot or an autopilot at half price.

On Feb. 25, a microblogger of the pick-up vehicle ModelX @Halogen Giant also wrote that the solution offered by Tesla Store was to buy an autopilot at a discount of 60% for the old owner.

Strength Gap Causes Self-owned Brand Concern

Tesla has always been a luxury car with a million yuan start in peoples minds, and now it can drive home with only 230,000 yuan! __________

Pedestrians pass the exhibition hall outside Tesla China Headquarters in Beijing on July 11, 2018.

Many netizens expressed their expectations, but also raised concerns about the future of domestic new energy vehicles. Tesla, 200,000 yuan, how do you make your own brand live? Netizens have expressed their views.

Even Li Xiangfan, CEO and founder of the automobile industrys big car and home, voiced his voice on this issue.

Tesla has already reached the door. According to the current exchange rate, domestic Model 3 iron will be sold directly to 250,000 to 270,000 yuan... The good days are coming to an end soon.

Li wants to directly bombard domestic automobile brands to engage in false mileage:

Seeing that there are many famous brands in China, when promoting electric cars, they are still using 60 equal speed to publicize their own range, and even directly paste such false range numbers on the buttocks of the car... ___________ Lets stop doing these propaganda.

60 km/h constant speed endurance is the most ideal endurance mileage data obtained by shutting down all electrical equipment and driving in the most economical mode. Many new energy vehicle companies use this data to publicize their own electric vehicles, but the actual endurance is less than this data. This is also the most point of consumer Tucao electric vehicle.

In fact, Teslas price reduction has affected the sales of domestic brands. Hanlu, a car critic, said Teslas price was really attractive. He ordered a car and could get it by the end of March. Meanwhile, he returned Weilai ES8, which had been waiting for half a year.

In addition to the gap in durability, Tesla and domestic car companies also adopt different models in car sales. While many new car makers are denouncing luxury offline stores, Tesla has announced that it is switching to online sales worldwide, which will reduce vehicle prices by an average of about 6%. In the next few months, many stores will be closed, but a small number of stores will be kept in high-volume areas in the form of booths, exhibition features and Tesla Information Center. Consumers in North America can buy Tesla on their mobile phones. The purchase process takes only about a minute, and the function will soon be extended to the global market.

Can price cuts break the slump in sales?

In 2018, the production and sales of new energy vehicles in China reached 1.27 million and 1.256 million respectively, up 59.9% and 61.7% respectively. In January this year, production and sales of new energy vehicles completed 91,000 and 96,000 respectively, up 113% and 138% respectively from the same period last year. With the decline of subsidies and the wolf coming from joint ventures and foreign investment, the domestic new energy market has ushered in the era of naked swimming to strive for strength.

Recently, Dong Yang, the executive vice chairman of China Automobile Industry Association, revealed that the subsidy policy for new energy vehicles will soon come out, and that the subsidy policy for new energy vehicles will be greatly adjusted, the subsidy for land will not make up for cars, which indicated that the direction of the subsidy is to make up for electricity.

Meanwhile, for domestic consumers, there are more and more choices of electric vehicles on the market. For example, Mercedes-Benz will launch its first domestic electric vehicle this year, and Volkswagen will launch six new energy products in the Chinese market this year.

It is noteworthy that Teslas price reduction is closely related to its domestic sales downturn. Teslas annual report shows that in 2018, as Teslas second largest consumer market, sales revenue in China declined from 2017. In 2018, revenue in China was $1.757 billion, down 15.4% from the same period last year.

Everyone overestimated Teslas potential competitiveness in China. Xiaopeng He, chairman of Xiaopeng Automobile, said that Teslas annual sales data and growth in China are quite different from those in the United States. Teslas brand in China has not been effectively translated into sales.

But he also said that the new Model 3 would better educate and stimulate the transition from traditional cars to smart cars, and that the number of gasoline vehicles from traditional car manufacturers would accelerate in the next two to 10 years.

Source: Wang Fengzhi_NT2541, Responsible Editor of Micro-Signal in Beijing Daily