Be betrayed by Yu Wenle and take double revenge on Jay Chou

 Be betrayed by Yu Wenle and take double revenge on Jay Chou

Netease Entertainment reported on March 4 that Yu Wenle and Zhou Jielun became friends because of the cooperative film Head Word D. Fourteen years later, they shared the same frame with Liu Huanhong, which triggered memories of fans. Interestingly, Yu Wenle and Zhou Jielun hurt each other by posting on social networking sites, which caused unexpected discussion.

Yu Wenle showed his drivers photo on the social platform on the 3rd. Because the photo was very blurry, he couldnt see his face clearly, but he deliberately wrote, My machine, many people said that he was like Jay Chou. It hung everyones appetite. Many netizens saw it and said, This is definitely Jay Chou himself! Under the message, Zhou Jielun himself was caught and posted an angry expression map back: This one I dont want to praise.

Unexpectedly, Jay Chou is not an oil-saving lamp, PO out a party photo on his account, only Yu Wenle is not ready, eyes closed, expression is also funny. Jay Chou said, Take photos with your eyes open. Who told you to take photos of me in disorder! Indirectly admit that he is the driver, and then special tag: tooth for tooth, double return, let Yu Wenle see after the helpless reply to stingy, this naive interaction of father has also attracted many netizens to discuss, laughing, too cute!

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Hanchong_NBJ11345