Zhou Jieqiong denied traveling with Wang Sicong in Japan: malicious fiction

 Zhou Jieqiong denied traveling with Wang Sicong in Japan: malicious fiction

The original text of the statement:

Recently, Entertainment circles eat gourd goose, male killer Wei Zhanger, pigs feet and other network users in various network platforms including Sina Weibo, Douban disseminated untrue content against the companys artist Ms. Zhou Jieqiong, such as Zhou Jieqiong and Wang Sicong travel to Japan together. The content was reprinted and commented by a large number of Internet users after it was released, which made Ms. Zhou Jieqiong, an artist under the company, suffer misunderstanding and doubt from various aspects, and damaged her good public image.

In order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Ms. Zhou Jieqiong, an artist under our company, and to face up to it, we hereby declare solemnly that:

First, the above content published by relevant network users is imaginary and malicious fiction, which has seriously deviated from the facts. The above malicious spreading of rumors has seriously affected the reputation of our artist Ms. Zhou Jieqiong, suspected of constituting a violation of Ms. Zhou Jieqiongs legitimate rights and interests.

Second, the company severely condemns and warns the relevant network users who wantonly spread rumors and blindness to immediately delete the rumors. At the same time, we sincerely hope that relevant network platforms will screen and delete rumors in accordance with national regulatory requirements and platform rules in a timely manner.

Third, the company will pay close attention to the network dynamics. For the network users who are not willing to delete and continue to spread rumors, the company has entrusted Beijing Xingquan Law Firm with full powers to deal with them, firmly pursue their legal responsibilities, and will never tolerate them! The company sincerely hopes that the majority of network users can make comments based on objective facts and legal provisions, reproduce and comment content when they can also rationally distinguish the authenticity of network information, respect the human dignity and personal rights of others, so as not to exceed the legal bottom line, and lead to their own side to assume the corresponding legal responsibility.

Wang Sicong and Zhou Jieqiong were exposed to be traveling with Japan in the same frame in their suspected car.

Recently, some netizens revealed that Wang Sicong and Zhou Jieqiong were traveling with each other in Japan, and even exposed the coincidence of their social account strength certificate journey. In the photo, Zhou Jieqiong and a man were in the same car. The man was wearing a black mask with a duck tongue cap, and his eyebrows and eyes were very similar to Wang Sicong.