Tired of the screen full of brainless blowing? Lets teach you how to play Wulei scientifically.

 Tired of the screen full of brainless blowing? Lets teach you how to play Wulei scientifically.

For this goal to carry out a combination of analysis, especially for the goal of the whole process of subdivision, to see the details of the operation of Wu Lei character, we can better understand Wu Leis own advantages and his progress after coming to La Liga.

Keep running! And the high quality that a shooter should possess.

In the last two seasons of playing in Hong Kong, Wu Lei has gradually transformed into a point-grabbing shooter because of the change of the teams overall construction strategy. In this case, Wu Lei relying on the top physical strength in the super, constantly in the front of the circuitous, cruising, and the core area of cruising is the blank line of defense and behind.

In the front field, Wu Leis running coverage at the offensive end is good enough and enough. Whether or not a teammate sees him or delivers the ball to him, he runs behind his opponents defence or into the open area. At this time, as long as teammates find him or give him the ball, the threat will come out.

Figure 1: The operation of the teams basketball, Wu Leis running and Wu Leis expected track

As can be seen from the above picture, the Spaniards out-of-bounds ball was sent out. While his teammate backed the ball to center Igoracias, Wu Lei began to circuitously run behind his opponents defence from the receiving position on the side. As long as Iglesias finds Wu Lei and can hand the ball to Wu Lei who is in front of him, even though the defender is following Wu Lei, there is still room and opportunity for him to work.

However, at this time, limited by the close guard of the opponents defence, Iglesia could not observe Wuleis running position (there were many interference in the spare part of his eyes), so he could only choose to be a high-ranking teammate in the middle of the road.

Figure 2: The fulcrum of Iglesia and Wu Leis running position and opponents high limit

From the picture above, we can clearly see that behind Wu Leis circuitous edge-setting and defensive line, the opponents had previously formed a close position to mark Wu Lei and his teammates in the back-court sideline, and because of their own defensive area problems, they would probably neglect Wu Lei who has been in offside position.

At this time, the Spaniard is looking for control of the ball at a high position, and what about Wulei? He quickly retreated from offside and observed the situation on the court without offside to avoid offside.

Figure 3: Whether in the Chinese Super League or the La Liga, Wu Lei can use his already formed running and observation methods to insert his front defensive position and avoid offside.

The upper right corner of the picture above is Wu Leis position choice in last seasons Evergrande match. From his perspective, we can see that the teammate holding the ball has been in the position of the last defender on the Evergrande defensive line, forming a non-offside reference frame. In the lower right corner of the picture above, this way is shown again. Wu Lei is aiming at the left-back of Baradellide team.

It can be said that after Wu Lei retreated from the offside position, he was very smart in choosing the reference frame of his opponents defence and observing his teammates, which is the high quality of a point-grabbing shooter.

Before shooting, Wu Lei has been working in one direction.

As a shooter, Wu Lei does have some shortcomings nowadays. For example, his ability to combine the ball has declined after the transformation. For example, in the process of high-speed dribbling, he is easy to have problems in holding the ball because of his opponents physical contact.

Therefore, in the last two seasons, Wu Lei has been adjusting in one direction in the face of opportunities: through the speed, speed and change, he can push the opponents defensive players out of the running line of the ball in the promotion, so as to obtain a positive shot opportunity.

Figure 4: In last years national team match, Wu Lei started with the combination of the running route of the ball and the running route of the individual, squeezing the opponents defensive players out of the running line of the ball to get the chance to shoot.

Wu Leis goal last night fully showed the change of his holding. Moreover, the speed is still fast. Lets go into the following details:

Fig. 5: Wu Leis trend of running for the ball and Dadders observation after the space

As can be seen from the picture above, Wu Lei had completed the calibration of the defence line without offside before, thus opening his arms to boldly ask for the ball, while Dudler looked up after finding the vacancy and found Wu Lei.

Figure 6: Wu Leiqians running route and his teammatesdirect plug line are relatively open wide angles.

As can be seen from the above picture, Wu Lei is aiming at the back of the middle of the restricted area for oblique forward insertion, while Dadel in order to avoid the opponents central defenders interception to Wu Leis forward direct transmission. At this time, Wulei oblique dribbling is the best choice. How does Wu Lei face the recovery of the opponents defense line and the blockade of the goalkeepers attack after oblique dribbling in the front of the penalty area, so as to maximize the angle of shooting?

Figure 7: From the oblique dribbling to the frontal sauce after the quick turn, Wu Lei only used a short distance.

[Observation and calmness, Wu Lei is no longer the reckless man regardless of 37-21

When Wu Lei comes to La Liga, on the one hand, he can feel the more intense competition to expose his own problems, on the other hand, he can also play his advantages to find space while constantly exposing problems, and he can also learn and progress in such a high-intensity competition.

Wu Leis quick adjustment and good timing in last nights goal are excellent.

Figure 8: Wuleis display of a series of actions, such as lead, adjustment, observation, shooting, etc.

From the picture above, we can clearly see that Wu Lei completed the path correction after the second touch, making his own front goal and goalkeeper at the same time, but also looked up to see that the opponent goalkeeper Massip has attacked, and then his choice is to focus on the ball. This action can not allow Massey to judge the direction of his shot through his own eyes, but also can better complete the shot.

Most importantly, Wu Leis choice after observing his opponents goalkeepers defensive action has improved over last year.

Figure 9: Defensive action of goalkeeper and Wu Leis choice

From the picture above, we can see that when Massip attacked and when Wulei finished shooting, his feet appeared to stand side by side and did not complete the advance blocking action of expanding the defensive area. Combining with Wu Leis smart shot in Figure 8, it aims at the opponents goalkeeper to shoot down three routes at close range, which makes the opponents goalkeeper unable to finish hitting with his hands, and can only take a foot in a half squat position, so that the ball can not be blocked naturally.

The small picture in the upper right corner above is Wu Leis missed single-knife chance against Dalian last year. We can see that after the goalkeeper finished the separation of his legs, Wu Lei, whose shooting angle is not too big, chose the way of shooting in the hemisphere. We can also clearly see from the static screenshot that the ball shows an upward path, and eventually let the opponent goalkeeper block the ball with his arm, thus missing a single knife.

This observation and handling of the ball details of the changes, so that Wu Lei this force is not big but difficult to save the shooting, and ultimately help the team to lock in the victory ahead of time.


Wu Leis goal is of great significance to himself, the team and the Chinese players. After 3731 days, the Chinese players scored again in the five leagues, giving Wu Lei the praise he deserved. However, from the overall details of the goal and the detailed analysis of Wu Leis advantages and shortcomings in dealing with the ball before, we can see the reason why Wu Lei started consecutively and the progress he made.

Although Wu Lei is only a new student studying abroad, we should give him enough encouragement and hope that he can continue to score goals in the future while he shows his advantages, characteristics and details of progress.

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