What happened? After the All-Star Green Army, they were only 1-5 beaten by the whipped corpse in the old photo shoot.

 What happened? After the All-Star Green Army, they were only 1-5 beaten by the whipped corpse in the old photo shoot.

Today the Celtics are doing very badly at both ends of the offense and defense, with only 8 of 28 three-point goals and 21 of 51 for the Rockets. Several Rockets defenders today played at a very high level: Hardens 42 points were routine, Pauls 15 points but 12 assists left the Green Armys defence in vain, while Gordons 32 points were super-level.

In fact, the Celtics are not without a turnaround opportunity, they are at most 28 points behind the Rockets, but in the last three minutes or so to catch the difference to only 10 points, and Jay Brown in the defensive side caused Hardens offensive foul, but also the rockets fiercest point of fire on the sidelines to watch the battle, when the Celtics are only 8 points behind, everything is like a Jedi Turnover script.

But then the Celtics often fainted: first Irving broke through and Gordon held him down, and after jumping, the ball went back to the Rockets, so that they could successfully defend the next round. On the defensive side, they tried their best to defend, but lost the key backcourt rebounds. Whats more, Smart was snatched by Tucker in the front court and completely destroyed the hope of victory.

From the data point of view, Celtics main players did not perform too badly, Irving 24 points, Hofford 19 points, Smart 18 points, Brown 15 points, a few of them are very good in terms of efficiency and output, but the team is shrouded in a strange atmosphere.

For example, Tatum, the teams most frequently shot, had a shooting rate of only 5 out of 15, and Irwin, the real core, had only 11 shots and hit 7 goals, and Hofford had a high shooting rate of 7 out of 8. Apart from Tatum, other players who were disturbed by trade rumors also performed badly in the game: Morris, averaging 14.4 points per season, failed to score a point in all three shots, while Rochelle scored four points, but at the most critical point of the chase, there was a low-level mistake of three penalties, which is really responsible for the teams failure.

At the beginning of the season, LeBron made fans look forward to the team that reached the Eastern Finals last year. NBA officials also took a photo of the Green Army starting team at the end of September with the message Who can stop them?, and after todays defeat, the Twitter was mocked by a crowd. A sports media commented on it: Can you repeat this question?

Before the game, Celtic owner Glausbeck publicly declared that it was the worst February he had ever experienced, but still had a lot of expectations for March. But in the second game of the team in March, the Celtics suffered another terrible defeat, and General Manager Angel may really have to think ahead about the suspension period.

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