Online boyfriend said she had tens of millions of dollars to keep women in custody and lost 260,000 by routine.

 Online boyfriend said she had tens of millions of dollars to keep women in custody and lost 260,000 by routine.

On March 3, Nanjing Drum Tower Police reported that a citizen, Ms. Jiang, had met a netizen some time ago, who claimed to be an American special soldier on a field mission in Afghanistan. With the deepening of contacts, the other side said that tens of millions of dollars of property need to be entrusted to Ms. Jiang for safekeeping, but to Ms. Jiangs surprise, eventually she did not see the money, but was cheated by the other side more than 260,000 yuan.

Transfer Records Between Ms. Jiang and Netizens

Modern Express reporters learned that half a year ago, Ms. Jiang met an online friend who claimed to be a soldier from the United States, named Smith, and is currently working in Afghanistan. With more and more frequent online contacts between the two sides, Smith expressed his love for Ms. Jiang and said that he found a large amount of cash hidden in the fight against terrorists. He wanted to leave the United States to develop in China with the money and needed to find a trusted friend to help keep it.

Chat screenshot of Ms. Jiang and netizens

Ms. Jiang was dubious at first, but the other party chatted with her every day, and often sent some pictures of him to Ms. Jiang. She said that she had treated Ms. Jiang as her girlfriend, and the most trusted person was her. He told Ms. Jiang that his wife died in a car accident four years ago and that his son studied in Britain without any other relatives. Because he was on a mission in Afghanistan and was not allowed to use electronic bank accounts, the tens of millions of dollars he received in cash could only be sent to Ms. Jiang and entrusted to her custody.

Chat screenshot of Ms. Jiang and netizens

Under the huge interests and the sweet words of the other side, Ms. Jiang believed in Smith and told her family address to the other side, ready to receive the huge amount of cash from the other side. To Ms. Jiangs surprise, after a period of time, the other side claimed that the money was intercepted by the customs, which required a series of handling fees, such as high air bill of lading fee, inspection certificate fee and certificate fee of source of funds. After many deceptions, Ms. Jiang eventually remitted several sums to several accounts, totaling more than 260,000 yuan. Later, the other side also asked Ms. Jiang to pay another million dollars, only in this way can we get tens of millions of dollars. Ms. Jiang felt that the number of people she wanted was too large. The more she thought about it, the worse it was. Finally, Ms. Jiang decided to call the police for help.

At present, the police have intervened in the investigation.

Nanjing Drum Tower Public Security Bureau Ninghai Road Police Station, the police said, This kind of fraud routine is generally fraudsters pretending to be a national soldier or oil tycoon and other foreign high-ranking and handsome people, deceiving the victims information, and in the name of friendship and love with the victim, and then to send a huge amount of cash as an excuse to induce the victim to transfer money. This kind of fraud is usually committed jointly by domestic and foreign fraudsters, with high success rate and great difficulty in cracking down.

The police reminded the general public that if they encounter such situations in daily life, they should not be credulous and pies will not fall from the sky. For requests for postage fees, customs clearance fees, customs fines and other money, we must resolutely refuse, and report the case to the police in time. If unfortunately deceived, we must keep relevant chat records, remittance screenshots, and report to the public security organs in time.

Source: Responsible Editor of Modern Express: Shi Jianlei_NBJ11331