Discipline Commission cadres are threatened to investigate cases: your child is in the attached primary school to watch and handle by herself

 Discipline Commission cadres are threatened to investigate cases: your child is in the attached primary school to watch and handle by herself

Li Jinhui, born in May 1972, is the director of the First Examination and Investigation Office of Pingxiang Discipline Inspection Commission in Jiangxi Province. He has been awarded many times by provincial and municipal disciplines committees. He was named an advanced worker of the national discipline inspection and supervision system in 2017.

In 2001, I was transferred from the counseling office of the municipal government to the Municipal Discipline Commission and became a glorious discipline inspection cadre. From the day I took office, I told myself, When I get old, I look back on my struggle, after years of honing and scouring, the precipitation of those things, even if not so dazzling, but also to be worthy of this loyalty in my heart. Time flies. I have been engaged in Discipline Inspection and supervision for 18 years. The struggle experience of these ten years is like a valuable spiritual wealth, which enriches my life.

Pingxiang is a small city. Every censorship will meet all kinds of people. Some people say that human feelings are hard to resist, but in fact, as long as we stick to the original heart, we will not be trapped by human feelings. The first case I investigated was a friend of mine. At that time, many people greeted me. I still insisted on finding out the facts and eventually transferred them to the judiciary according to law.

Some people blamed me afterwards for not being meaningful, but I have a clear conscience. Because of my perseverance, no one would greet me at the door as long as I was responsible for the investigation of the case. Because as we all know, greeting is also a waste of time.

In 2011, I took over the investigation of collusion bidding in Anyuan low-rent housing project. At the beginning, a good friend kindly reminded me, Lao Li, this case is very deep, it may involve black, you can relax a little bit.

We all know where you usually get on, get off and wear any clothes. You should be careful for me! Your child is attending school in the attached primary school, you can do it by yourself! Sure enough, with the deepening of the investigation of the case, every day there are threatening phone calls to me, but I am not afraid, because I believe in the old saying: evil is not right. Eventually, the case came to light and all the responsible persons were punished.

As censors and investigators, we are often the target of hunting by some people with ulterior motives in society. In 2013, I led the team to investigate and deal with some real estate development projects involved in the discipline review. At that time, individual leaders greeted me many times and intervened. Developers also lured me with the way of 50% discount house purchase. But I know that the power in hand is entrusted by the Party and the people. It can not be used for personal gain and will never be moved. Finally, more than ten Party members and cadres were accountable, five were transferred to the judicial organs, and hundreds of millions of yuan of tax and fees were recovered according to law.

Sometimes when you are with friends, you are ridiculed: Lao Li, are you not so stereotyped, hard and soft, not afraid of losing money? I always laugh with indifference. Having done so many cases and offended many people, but I can stand up to my conscience, safeguard the interests of the people, and harvest a full and meaningful life, which is the meaning of my struggle.

At the beginning of 2018, the reform of the supervisory system was successfully completed, and the Joint Office of the Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision was established. New changes and new requirements have taken place in all aspects of the work. This is a great challenge for me. In the new situation, how to better carry out the review and investigation work has become a question that I think about every day.

Shortly after the promulgation of the Supervision Law, my department received a detention case examination and investigation task, and I also felt a heavy burden of responsibility. For this reason, I insisted on business learning, consulted my transferred colleagues, and carefully studied the laws and regulations.

In the absence of any progress for many days, the colleagues involved in the survey were somewhat impatient and occasionally discouraged. I know that guarding loyalty and justice requires skill and wisdom. The original purpose of the investigation is not only to enforce and safeguard the Partys discipline, but also, more importantly, to punish the past and save the sick.

I organized a case analysis meeting and put forward the working idea of snowball, which made a breakthrough in the case. As the conversation intensifies, the number of problems discovered increases like a snowball. At the same time, when we collect relevant evidence for fixed review, we strictly follow the procedures and standards prescribed by the Criminal Procedure Law. When the mutually corroborated, complete and stable evidence chain was placed in front of the subject under review, his ideological defense line completely collapsed. The unremitting work has yielded gratifying results. With the joint efforts of all of us, the detention case has been completed with high quality.

In the 18 years of work on the discipline inspection and supervision front, I have won many honors. Especially when I was appraised as an advanced worker of the national discipline inspection and supervision system in 2017, I was very excited. This is not only the recognition of my work, but also the recognition of Pingxiang discipline inspection and supervision cause.

The new era belongs to the strugglers. As a discipline inspection and supervision cadre, I have the privilege to participate in and stick to this cause. I will never forget my first heart, keep my mission in mind, interpret loyalty and clean responsibility with practical actions, and exchange unremitting struggle for Haiyan River Qing, Langlang and Qiankun.

Source: Author of China Discipline Inspection and Supervision Daily: Li Jinhui dictates Xie Qiongkuans editorial responsibility: Shi Jianlei_NBJ11331