Will Japan respond to Cai Yings dialogue appeal? Japanese Scholars: Very Little Possibility

 Will Japan respond to Cai Yings dialogue appeal? Japanese Scholars: Very Little Possibility

Only 10 days after receiving an interview with American media, Cai Yingwen, Taiwans regional leader, brushed a sense of existence on the international media. Japans right-wing media Shimbun Shimbun published an interview with her on the 2nd. This time, Cai Yingwens big story is that he hopes to have a security dialogue with the Japanese government, including sharing real-time information such as PLA trends. This is the first time that a request has been made as a leader of the Taiwan region, which means that there is no diplomatic channel between Taiwan and Japan, but only through indirect means of dialogue. In the opinion of public opinion on the island, this is just Cai Yingyings empty cheque to the voters in order to seize the right to speak. Taiwanese newspaper Lianhe Bao commented that Cai Yingyings argument of joining Japan against the mainland was undoubtedly just barking at trains in consideration of Japans own interests. Up to the deadline of the 3rd evening, the Japanese government had not yet responded to Cais proposal. Some Japanese netizens advised that Japan-China relations have not been easy to get back on track, Xiao Ying will not come out to make trouble again at this time.

When I saw an interview with Cai Yingwen by Shimbun Shimbun, Naoto Tianmu, a Japanese diplomatic critic and former ambassador to Lebanon, was shocked. He wrote an article in Japanese media on the 3rd that Cai Yingying advocated uniting Japan against the mainland. The Shimbun News was published in its original form. Naoto Tianmu said that improving relations with China was Abes only hope of opening up the diplomatic situation in Asia, so he racked his brains to achieve the Japan-China summit. I really dont understand why Shinji Shimbun, which has always supported Abe, is so doing things. This is certainly not a plus for Abe.

The focus now is whether Japan will take over, Kyodo guest commentator Okada told the Global Times on the 3rd that Chinese Prime Minister visited Japan last May and Prime Minister Abe visited China in October. Relations between the two countries have improved, and both sides have also expressed their commitment to the general direction of peace and friendship. In this context, no matter how Cai Ying incites the mainland threat theory and what Abe thinks, Japan, as a country, has little possibility to respond to Cai Yings dialogue appeal.

Taiwans Critical Review Network from the perspective of practical operation, said that Japans foreign affairs in the organizational structure is not conducive to Taiwan. In the United States, the American Association in Taiwan is responsible for Taiwan affairs, but the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not. The same department is responsible for Taiwan affairs and for mainland affairs. The priority is, of course, to maintain the stability of relations with the mainland.

Abes younger brother, Japanese Congressman Shifu Ashima, has proposed promoting the Japanese version of the Taiwan Relations Act. Zhongshi E-Newspaper quoted Zhou Yongshengs analysis as saying that Japan and Taiwan are friendly at the folk level and have special historical relations. The Abe family also belongs to the pro-Taiwan faction, but Japan and the United States are different after all. Naturally, the tolerance of the mainland varies with different national strength and situation. If Japan wants to make a major breakthrough in Taiwans issue, the mainland will inevitably fight back with its thunderous force. The China Times commented that there is no reason why Japan should not hesitate to confront the mainland for Taiwans sake. Cais comments will only make Taiwans cross-strait and international situation more sinister.

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