Hebei anti-homicide acquitted couples: unexpectedly fairness came too suddenly

 Hebei anti-homicide acquitted couples: unexpectedly fairness came too suddenly

On March 3, the Baoding Procuratorate issued a news that Wang Xinyuan and Zhao Yinzhis actions were justified defense and the couple were not prosecuted. Prior to this, the police of Baoding City and Lianyuan County detention centres told them that they could leave the detention centre. After learning the news, Wang Xinyuan said in the first sentence, It is a legal non-prosecution, that means I am not guilty. Zhao Yinzhi said, I think it will take another month to release it, but I didnt expect it to be released today.

On the evening of March 3, Yin Qingli, Wang Xinyuans defense lawyer, and Zhao Peng, Zhao Yinzhis defense lawyer met with their couple.

Two lawyers, Yin Qingli and Zhao Peng, introduced to the upstream journalists how they went out of the detention center.

On March 3, 2019, after eight months, Wang Xinyuan, Zhao Yinzhi and their daughters and sons reunited again. Photo/Procuratorial Daily Justice Network Official Microsignal

Early on March 3, in the Lianyuan County Detention Center, prisoners warned Wang Xinyuan that the procuratorate decided not to prosecute you and could leave. After hearing this, Wang Xinyuan paused and asked: Is it legal non-prosecution, suspected non-prosecution, or discretionary non-prosecution? The answer of the policemen is that there is no legal prosecution. Wang Xinyuan grinned: That means I am not guilty.

Before, Yin Qingli had told him the difference between the three legal concepts.

At 11 a.m., after Wang Xinyuan came out of the detention center, the local judicial system staff sent him to a hotel in Lianyuan County Town.

Almost at the same time as Wang Xinyuan was released, in the detention center of Baoding City, more than 100 kilometers away from Laiyuan County, prisoners warned Zhao Yinzhi that he could pack up his things and leave. She asked a little later, Isnt it going to take another month to go out? How can we go out now? The reason why she thinks so is that Zhao Peng talked about the progress of the case when he met with her.

The affirmative reply of the police dispelled Zhao Yinzhis hesitation. She went to take a bath and cleaned up.

Similarly, after leaving the detention center, the local judicial system staff sent Zhao Yinzhi to a hotel in Lianyuan County.

The couples temporary hotel is also the case of the parties, daughter Xiaofei (pseudonym), the same day, she was preparing for school suspension procedures; the couples son Wang Peng (pseudonym), who is rushing to the hotel, is working in a mine in Lianyuan County.

On the night of July 11, 2018, four members of their family were separated by an unexpected conflict, and on March 3, 2019, 235 days later, four members of their family met again.

In the hotel room, touching affection is flowing. Pictures of a family gathering show Xiaofei kneeling on the ground, holding her parentshands and Wang Peng sobbing on the side.

On the evening of March 3, 2019, Wang Xinyuan, Zhao Yinzhi, lawyer Yin Qingli (first left) and lawyer Zhao Peng (first right). Pictures/Parties Provided

It is understood that there are objective reasons why the meeting place is chosen in the hotel rather than at home.

Wang Xinyuan told Yin Qingli, his defense lawyer, that during the clash that night on July 11, 2018, the house was damaged, and that no one had lived since then. You cant go home. Zhao Yinzhi said its safer to stay in a hotel without worrying about being disturbed.

At about 11 oclock that evening, when the two lawyers left the hotel, the hearts of Wang Xinyuan and Zhao Yinzhi had not calmed down. They kept repeating a sentence: Fairness came too suddenly, unexpectedly.

According to reports, Wang Xinyuan and Zhao Yinzhi entrusted Yin Qingli and Zhao Peng with full powers to deal with the matter of state compensation. In addition, they will also make good use of the injuries they suffered during the conflict and go out to work.

Source: Shi Jianle_NBJ11331, responsible editor of upstream news of Chongqing Morning Post