Lenovo Publishes Software and Hardware Integration Solutions and Development Suite for the Internet of Things

 Lenovo Publishes Software and Hardware Integration Solutions and Development Suite for the Internet of Things

[Netease Intelligent News, Feb. 27] Yesterday afternoon, Lenovo officially released Lenovos software and hardware integrated Internet of Things solution and development kit, including LeapIOT Internet of Things platform and Leez Internet of Things hardware development platform, which is Lenovos first global release of software and hardware platform related to the Internet of Things.

He Zhiqiang, Senior Vice President of Lenovo Group and President of Lenovo Venture Capital Group, Tian Rihui, Vice President of Lenovo Group and General Manager of Big Data Business Department, attended the conference. Lenovo LeapIOT Product Director Wang Sheng and Lenovo Big Data and Internet of Things Development Director Ruizhen respectively introduced the technical advantages and successful cases of Lenovo Internet of Things platform and hardware development platform.

Wang Sheng, product director of Lenovo LeapIOT, introduced in detail the two Internet of Things platforms that were first released. LeapIOT can realize intelligent aggregation of equipment, intelligent collaboration of production and intelligent optimization of operation through field data acquisition, enterprise information integration and intelligent optimization, and help enterprises improve productivity.

It is reported that LeapIOT has access to more than 1 million industrial sites. In the electronic manufacturing industry, the productivity of discrete product assembly and the operation efficiency of the whole production line equipment are improved by the on-site intelligent technology, and the on-site monitoring is reduced from 120 s to 6 s. In the petrochemical industry, through process intelligence, optimization of refining process, about 1% of the gasoline yield has been increased, and tens of millions of yuan of output has been created. In metallurgical industry, through in-depth learning and the introduction of computer vision real-time detection technology, the real-time defect detection rate of steel plate is raised from 46% to 91%, and the steel production process is improved comprehensively. In the optical fiber industry, through the introduction of real-time intelligent 3D simulation and digital twin of production line, the energy consumption of factories can be reduced by 5%-10% and the product yield can be increased by more than 2%.

Leezs hardware development platform is introduced in detail by Lenovos Director of Data and Internet of Things. Lenovo released two hardware development platforms, Leez P515 and Leez P710. Leez P515 is specially designed for industrial solution requirements. It is equipped with TIs latest multi-core Sitara AM5708 chip, a C66x DSP and 2 Cortex M4 co-processor, and is built with industrial-level components to support stable operation from minus 35 degrees Celsius to minus 75 degrees Celsius.

Leez P710 is Lenovos first flagship single-board computing platform. It is equipped with RK3399 six-core CPU consisting of two A72 and four A53 cores, high performance and low power ARM, all the main codecs and decoders supporting streaming media processing, with dual HD video input and dual 4K output. P710 is also the first single board computing platform to support AOSP9.0 Android open source platform. It is ready for AI applications in various industries, such as digital billboards, new retail, face recognition, service robots, etc.

He introduced that Leez hardware development platform has five characteristics. One is the introduction of GPU; the other is the use of ultra-low-energy ARM architecture; the third is to enrich the interface expansion capabilities to support a variety of network connections; the fourth is extensive open source community and industrial ecological support; Leez Material Hardware Development Platform currently supports AOSP Android Open Source Platform 9.0 and 8.1 with full support for Ubuntu?Core. Fifth, make the edge solution into a complete and immediate turnkey solution, which is convenient for software developers to develop AI and Internet of Things applications directly. (Xiao Yi)

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