Officials let bribers donate money to help masters buy houses in Beijing

 Officials let bribers donate money to help masters buy houses in Beijing

On February 12, the Procurators Daily reported details of the bribery acceptance by Quan Zhihua, former vice president of South China University, who had fallen into disgrace.

In December 2018, Quan Zhihuas bribery case was publicly pronounced in the first instance of Yiyang Intermediate Court of Hunan Province. The court sentenced Quan Zhihua to 12 yearsimprisonment for bribery and fined him 3 million yuan.

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Quan Zhihua was born in March 1961 in Hengnan County, Hunan Province. He is an expert on cardiovascular diseases. He is superstitious about geomantic omen and handicraft projects, bribery amounted to more than 15.5 million yuan.

According to public information, Quan Zhihua participated in the work in December 1982. He served as president of the First Affiliated Hospital of Hengyang Medical College, Vice-Secretary and President of the Party Committee of the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanhua University, chairman of the trade union of Nanhua University, Secretary of the Party Committee of the First Affiliated Hospital and Vice-President of Nanhua University from August 2011 to July 2015. He was dismissed in August 2015.

In June 2017, the Hunan Provincial Discipline Commission reported that Quan Zhihua was suspected of serious violations of discipline and is currently under Organizational review. The following month, the Discipline Commission released its double opening bulletin. According to the briefing, Quan Zhihua violated political discipline, confronted organizational review and engaged in superstitious activities; violated the spirit of the Eight Provisions of the Central Committee and occupied more office buildings; violated organizational discipline and did not report personal matters truthfully; violated integrity discipline, violated the rules of part-time pay and received gifts; violated work discipline, pleaded for the parties involved in the case to tell the truth, interfere with and influence law enforcement activities. It is suspected of bribery to take advantage of the convenience of duty to seek benefits for others and to accept huge amounts of property in the aspects of project contracting and medical equipment procurement.

In February 2018, Quan Zhihua, suspected of taking bribes, was appointed by Hunan Provincial Peoples Procuratorate to exercise jurisdiction and prosecuted by Yiyang Peoples Procuratorate to Yiyang Intermediate Peoples Court.

Political Affairs noted that Quan Zhihua, as a medical expert, was superstitious of the guidance of Feng Shui Master during his own treatment of diseases, and asked businessmen to donate 2 million yuan to Master.

In early 2009, Quan Zhihua went to Beijing for treatment of torticollis, during which he met Qin Mou, a geomancy master. Qin calls Quan Zhihua not afraid of heaven and earth, not worshiping Bodhisattvas on Mount Hengshan in Nanyue, not respectful to Bodhisattvas, so he fell ill.

Quan Zhihua believed that Master Qin was right. Under the guidance of Master Qin, he began to eat and read Buddha every day. After a period of time, his torticollis had improved, and he was convinced of Master Qin.

Later, Quan Zhihua invited Qinmou to visit his ancestral grave and Hengyang residence in Hengnan County. Qin Mou was envious of Quanzhis luxurious house and complained that he could not buy a house in Beijing all his life with his own economic strength, suggesting that Quanzhi subsidized his purchase.

Quan Zhihua thanked Master Qin and asked He Mou, the head of a construction engineering limited liability company in Hengyang City, to donate 1 million yuan to Master Qin.

In 2010, with the help of Quan Zhihua, He Mous company successfully won the tender for the Fifth Inpatient Building of the First Affiliated Hospital of South China. Quan Zhihua once again invited Master Qin to see the geomantic omen for the forthcoming building and arranged for He Mou to donate another 1 million yuan to Master Qin.

He said that the main reason for sending 2 million yuan to Qin Mou was that he was not familiar with Qin Mou and would not donate directly if he did not give it.

With the help of Quan Zhihua, He, who donated money for Quan Zhihua to the Master, successively undertook two major projects, the outpatient building and the fifth inpatient building of the First Affiliated Hospital of South China. From 2009 to 2015, he bribed Quan Zhihua 10 times, totaling RMB 5.8 million.

Political Affairs noted that Quan Zhihuas wife and brother were also involved in his bribery crime.

Last May, Quan Zhihuas case opened, and his wife Wang Ping was tried in court with him. According to prosecution charges, Wang Ping and her husband Quan Zhihua jointly claim or illegally accept RMB totalling more than 7.15 million yuan.

Quan Zhihua and his wife Wang Ping were in court.

According to judicial documents, Wang Pings elder brother, Wang Mou, was a laid-off worker. Since 2001, Wang Mou has contracted hydropower installation projects of logistics building, pediatric building and hospitalization building of the First Affiliated Hospital of South China. In 2009, Wang Ping asked her brother Wang Mou for 1 million yuan to speculate in stocks. Since then, Wang Mou has paid them money to buy houses in Guangdong and Yunnan, totaling 7.15 million yuan.

In addition, in 2006, Quan Zhihua subcontracted Gao Chunbai, chairman of Hengyang Jiashun Construction and Labor Co., Ltd., the civil engineering of the outpatient building of the hospital. The total cost of the project was more than 160 million yuan, and the total profit was more than 8 million yuan. Since then, Quan Zhihua, through his younger brother Quan-mou, who is doing business and his daughter studying in Australia, has offered Gao Chunbo a bribe of nearly 6 million yuan.

Source: Editor in charge of political affairs: Wang Zheng_N7526