First Exposure Picture of DF-26 Ballistic Missile

 First Exposure Picture of DF-26 Ballistic Missile

[Wen/Observer Wang Shichun] On January 23, CCTV Military Report showed for the first time a picture of the launch of DF-26 ballistic missile.

The unit 201 of the brigade was then deployed and launched in unfamiliar areas in the field. They will fire a live ammunition against the enemy. The trumpeter of the unit was on standby and luckily pulled in and fired live ammunition.

In addition to the launching pictures, CCTV rarely shows many pictures such as missile hoisting, missile body details, launching chamber details and cab details.

Reporters and Dongfeng-26 Launcher 150 metres away

Dongfeng-26 missile trumpeter, man sits in position, merit comes from heaven

Cab details of DF-26 Special Vehicle

In the picture, the DF-26 missile warhead is designed with Multi-Cone and four small wings, which has good aerodynamic capability. This means that the missile has the ability of high-speed, medium-speed maneuvering orbit change and terminal precision guidance and strike capability, which greatly improves the strike efficiency of DF-26.

Design of Multi-Cone Plus Four Wings

Lifting DF-26 to complete one wave of missile reloading

According to CCTV, the missile was launched by a rocket Army missile brigade stationed in the hinterland of the Central Plains, Henan Province. At the end of last year, thousands of people and hundreds of vehicles of the brigade moved to the Northwest desert, and a place in Inner Mongolia for a two-month garrison training. This is one of the routine training of the rocket army mobile missile force. Since 2017, the PLA rocket army has moved to the desert for many times for training in unfamiliar areas.

In this training, the brigade was tested by the actual combat assessment. Before launching, the brigade was subjected to electromagnetic interference from the Blue Army and its position was destroyed. Faced with these unexpected situations, a rocket army brigade took immediate measures to successfully complete the missile launching training.

Among them, 403 launching unit, due to frequent battlefield switching, galloped in the Gobi desert for more than 30 days, and its cumulative journey reached tens of thousands of kilometers.

Dongfeng-26 is our countrys new generation of medium and long-range ballistic missiles. This type of ballistic missile first appeared in the military parade in 2017 and was formally deployed in April last year.

A spokesman for the Ministry of National Defense said that Dongfeng-26 has the following four characteristics: first, it has completely independent intellectual property rights and is a self-developed weapon of China. Second, warheads have both nuclear and normal capabilities, which can accomplish both fast nuclear counterattack tasks and conventional mid-range and long-range precise strike tasks. Thirdly, it combines land and sea to attack targets, and has the ability to strike important targets on land and large and medium-sized ships at sea accurately. Fourthly, it integrates many new technologies and has a high level of generalization, integration and informatization.

Foreign media have reported that Dongfeng-26 is Guam Killer, which is mainly attributed to its long range, high accuracy and certain strategic deterrence capability. Americans are very concerned about this new ballistic missile. Last October, the U.S. Air Forces B-2 ghost stealth strategic bomber based in Guam was deployed to the United States Joint Base of Pearl Harbor-Hickam (JBPH-H), Hawaii, for the first time. It carried out a simulated strike, hot refueling and exercises in cooperation with the F-22 Joint Operations.

American media analysis said that due to the large number of Dongfeng-26 packages, the PLAs scope of attack has covered Guam, which makes the B-2 base in Guam must consider the issue of being hit.

From previous news reports, the brigade, like other medium-range ballistic missile brigades, was equipped with 18 ballistic missiles. This has exceeded the number reported by the US Air Force Intelligence Center (NASIC) at the end of 2017. The US Air Force believes that China currently has only 16 DF-26 ballistic missiles.

Family Welfare of Dongfeng-26 Brigade

The international situation is surging. Since 2018, CCTVs military reports on the rocket army, especially its strategic strength, have increased. In the past few weeks, through Military Report, CCTV has recently made public the rocket armys Dongfeng-31A intercontinental missile launching position and simulation launching process, Dongfeng-5A/B intercontinental ballistic underground Great Wall and simulation launching process.

Source: Responsible Editor of Observer: Yao Wenguang_NN1682