The quarrel between the two owners ranged from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. and thousands were recorded.

 The quarrel between the two owners ranged from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. and thousands were recorded.

Qilu Evening News No. 24 News Recently, netizens exploded.

In the owner group of a district in Tianjin,

A male owner and a female owner because of one thing,

They quarreled all night in the crowd!

Yes, all night!!!

The content of the quarrel is simple: A mans car hit B womans car drip by drip, drip driver refused to admit, but a left directly, B felt that a should speak fairly for her. Just sauce...

But from about ten oclock in the evening,

They started all kinds of disputes in the community owner group.

The woman owner said:

Then attack

The male owner said:

So the whole line of combat

At three oclock in the morning:

At 4 a.m.

At five oclock in the morning:

By seven oclock:

Running against each other in a variety of ways

From Xiehouyu to Philosophical Discussion

All kinds of wheels talking back and forth

It lasts from midnight to 7 a.m.

Yes, you did not read it wrong.

A full nine hours

Thousands of chat notes

From six oclock in the morning, the melon eaters got up.

Everyones heart is blossoming.

Then I found hundreds of dialogues in the group and came to the conclusion.

I almost missed the train in order to read the chat record.

Late to see chat notes

Several unstoppable owners voluntarily withdraw from the group

The vast majority of owners remain.

After leaping through endless chat records

Deep in my heart, I feel so comfortable.

Alas, mama, the screenshots are exhausted.

Recent developments in events

The landlady did not withdraw from the group and did not speak in the group.

The male owner did not withdraw from the group. As the group owner, he kicked several other owners.

I dont know how to solve the car accident problem.

Decoration worker 16 floor operation dirty owners clothes were cut by the other side safety rope

The decorator accidentally dirty the owners airing clothes during the highlight operation on the 16th floor, and the owner cut off the masters spare safety rope in a fit of pique. The master suffered skin injuries during his jump, but fortunately no greater safety accident occurred. At present, the angry owner, Jinmou, has been held in administrative detention.

A woman owner in Xian toilets in the elevator: facing the elevator door for more than ten seconds

The smell of urine in the elevator is very heavy, which attracts suspicion among owners and dustmen scrambling to solve the case. The surveillance video recorded the actions of an adult woman, and the owners who saw the surveillance video fried the pot.