Pet grave owner in the greenbelt of a small district in Nanning: panic

 Pet grave owner in the greenbelt of a small district in Nanning: panic

On January 23, a pet grave appeared in the greenbelt of the medieval garden in Nanning City. Some owners said that they were panicked. Nanguo Morning Post Client Journalist on-the-spot investigation found that the grave is buried by the pet bird George corpse. That afternoon, property workers removed the pet grave.

On the 23rd, a client reporter of Nanguo Morning Post saw at the scene that the loving little grave was situated in the green belt between the medieval garden and a kindergarten. In front of the grave, a piece of gravestone was erected with pieces of paper, surrounded by a circle of petals, breadworms and feed. The palm-sized palm of the palm on the palm of the palm reads Pet Georges Tomb and the pet owner Leah leaves a message: Youll always be my pet! At the bottom, there is a picture of a parrot. Judging from the tender handwriting on the gravestone, the owner of the pet may be a little girl.

The owner, Ms. Li, speculated that a bird might have been buried here, about 10 days ago. The act of holding a grand funeral for pets makes some owners feel warm, but more owners oppose it. The owner, Ms. Huang, believes that burying pet corpses in the community is not only a panic, but also easy to breed germs if improperly handled. If not stopped in time, more owners will choose this method to deal with pet corpses.

Residential property workers received feedback, have sent people to remove pet graves. Although this will make pet owners sad, the green belt in the community belongs to the owners common area and can not change its original use without everyones permission.

According to the provisions of the Animal Epidemic Prevention Law of the Peoples Republic of China and the Regulations on the Administration of Dog Raising in Nanning City, the client journalists of Nanguo Morning Post found that the dogs they raised were not dead from infectious diseases and should be buried deeply; those who died from infectious diseases should be notified to the administrative Department of aquatic animal husbandry and veterinary medicine to deal with them in accordance with the regulations; and the dog diagnosis and treatment institutions should treat the dead dogs or dogs. The tissues and organs removed from dogs, as well as the waste of diagnosis, treatment and cosmetic treatment, shall be treated harmlessly according to law and shall not be discarded at will.

If the depth of burial is not enough, pet corpses are easy to expose after the rain wash, and it is easy to breed odors, parasites and bacteria at high temperature, even cause epidemic spread. If the pet owner disposes of the pet body by himself, he should dig a pit over 60 centimeters from the water source at least 50 meters, and cover it with quicklime or bleaching powder to achieve disinfection effect. However, in real life, it is difficult for ordinary citizens to use this standard to deal with pet corpses.

It is understood that some pet hospitals in Nanning can provide funeral services for pet corpses, usually cremating or sending them to the suburbs for burial. For pet aftermath how to do more love, you might as well come to a trick.

Links: A businessman in Guangxi refused to build a pet cemetery

In 2013, a businessman from Guangxi went to the industry and Commerce Department to apply for registration of pet cemetery. The industry and Commerce Department refused and suggested that the businessman go to the civil affairs department. After learning about the intention, the Civil Affairs Department said that only the funeral business of the person in charge was not accepted for the pet cemetery business.

In order to meet the needs of some pet owners, a few cities, such as Beijing and Xian, have tried to build pet cemeteries. According to the situation of these cemeteries reported on the internet, they are not very different from ordinary cemeteries. There are gravestones and tombstones with pet thoughts engraved on them. However, these pet cemeteries charge the same fees as human cemeteries, ranging from thousands of yuan to more than 30,000 yuan.

Is it feasible to build a pet cemetery in Guangxi? According to the Social Affairs Office of the Bureau of Civil Affairs of the Autonomous Region, mixing pet cremation, funeral and people is against ethics, morality and cultural customs, which has not yet appeared in China and is impossible to try in Guangxi.

According to the personages in the industry of Guangxi Funeral Industry Association, at present, it is not suitable to build pet funeral service organizations such as pet cemetery in our district. Even if such organizations really appear, their operating costs are very high. They need cremation sites, equipment, diesel fuel, artificial service fees, cemetery construction needs planning, environmental protection and other departments, and the approval procedures are very strict. Lattice.

Source: Liable Editor of Nanguo Morning Post: Li Wan_B11284