The aristocratic school winter vacation homework shocked the English Huang Duanzi official order strict investigation

 The aristocratic school winter vacation homework shocked the English Huang Duanzi official order strict investigation

Beijing News Express January 23, Shanghai Zhongxin International School (hereinafter referred to as Zhongxin School) eighth grade winter vacation homework in the presence of information about Huang spread on the Internet, triggering a heated debate. On January 24, the Education Bureau of Pudong New Area, Shanghai, issued a circular saying that the management of Zhongxin School in the use of teaching aids materials was chaotic and serious violations. It ordered Zhongxin School to immediately stop using, retrieve and store the teaching aids materials, and to seriously investigate and punish the relevant responsible persons.

It is understood that in an eighth grade English winter vacation assignment entitled Ready at all times, a joke named Mommys Washcloth appeared on page 22 in the Easy Smile section. The joke not only refers to the private parts of adults, but also describes the specific pictures in which the little boy finds out that his father and his maid have cheated. For the joke, students need to write their reading comprehension in the blank below.

On the 24th, the Education Bureau of Shanghai Pudong New Area issued a Information Bulletin on the Problems Related to Winter Holiday Homework in Private Middle-core Schools. According to the circular, the Pudong New Area Education Bureau immediately launched an investigation and asked the central school to cooperate in finding out the facts.

According to the bulletin, the self-selected Always Ready - English Eighth Grade Winter Holiday Homework by Zhongxin School is a textbook compiled by Shanghai Oriental Laser Education and Culture Co., Ltd., not a textbook for primary and secondary schools. The management of the central school in the use of teaching aids materials is chaotic and serious violations.

The Pudong New Area Education Bureau has ordered the central schools to stop using and retrieve the teaching aids immediately. It requires that the relevant responsible persons be investigated and dealt with seriously according to the facts. At the same time, it requires the primary and secondary schools in the whole district to conduct a comprehensive self-examination of the teaching aids. In view of the fact that two incidents have seriously affected education and teaching in private schools in a short period of time, we should be seriously accountable in accordance with Article 62 of the Law of the Peoples Republic of China on the Promotion of Private Education.

According to public data, Zhongxin International School is one of the largest private schools in Pudong New Area, Shanghai. The tuition fee varies from 50,000 to 120,000 yuan per school year, and it is a noble school. In October 2018, the school was concerned about the deterioration of school kitchen food and the arbitrary tampering of some expired food processing dates.

Source: Zhang Xianchao_NN9310, responsible editor of Beijing News