Father and son were accused of selling baking powder containing aluminium steamed buns: to the children at home

 Father and son were accused of selling baking powder containing aluminium steamed buns: to the children at home

Knowing that baking powder containing aluminium can not be added to the bag, the old Chen father and son in Huqiu, Suzhou, did not care, but still added it. Chen even gave his granddaughter such a steamed bun. Modern Express reporter learned that recently, the procuratorate of Huqiu District of Suzhou City prosecuted the case according to law. As the first case of adding aluminium-containing baking powder illegally to steamed buns in Suzhou, the hospital also brought criminal incidental civil public interest litigation against the old Chen father and son.

In the second half of 2015, Lao Chen and his son managed the Dabao breakfast shop in Anqing at a leading point of He Shan Road in Huqiu District. In order to make steamed buns look better and taste more fluffy and soft, they added aluminium-containing baking powder to the steamed buns and steamed buns they sold.

In May 2014, the State Health and Planning Commission issued a standard prohibiting the addition of aluminium-containing food additives in steamed bread, hair cakes and other flour products, but Lao Chen and his son did not care about it at all. On September 1, 2016, the market supervision and Administration Bureau of Huqiu District of Suzhou issued the Notice on Prohibiting the Addition of Potassium Aluminum Sulfate and Ammonium Aluminum Sulfate (the two main ingredients of baking powder) in food. The Notice clearly informed the district that no potassium Aluminum Sulfate and Ammonium Aluminum Sulfate should be used in wheat flour and its products.

Lao Chens son signed the letter of notification and told his father specifically in return, but such a ban on aluminium still did not attract the attention of both father and son. Everyone does business like this, we also feel nothing, my little granddaughter is also eating their own steamed buns. After the incident, Lao Chen also had an innocent face. Lao Chen said that there are two kinds of baking powder on the market at present: baking powder containing aluminium and baking powder without aluminium. The price of baking powder containing aluminium is low, and it is the first choice of many noodle vendors.

In June 2017, the law enforcement officers of the public security organs and the Market Supervision Bureau conducted spot checks and found that the baking powder containing aluminium was still used in the breakfast shop of Lao Chens father and son. 384 baozi with aluminium baking powder were found in the shop on the same day. After identification, the residual amount of aluminium in steamed buns is 412 mg/kg, which can be identified as containing other substances that seriously exceed the standard amount harmful to human health.

It is reported that the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the World Health Organization have given health guidance on the intake of aluminium. The average persons tolerance intake of aluminium (PTWI) is set at 2 mg per kg of body weight per week, that is, adults weighing 50 kg, and 100 mg per week. Excessive intake can easily lead to food poisoning accidents or foodborne diseases and endanger human health.

The sale of aluminium-containing steamed buns and steamed buns to a large number of unspecified consumers has damaged their right to life and health. In order to safeguard the safety of the peoples tongues, the Huqiu Procuratorate, while accusing Lao Chen and his son of criminal offences, requested the court to order them to apologize to the public in the municipal public media and pay ten times the compensation for the sale price of steamed buns.

Source: Responsible Editor of Modern Express: Li Wan_B11284