Men suffering from Alices Wonderland Syndrome see icons drill out of computers

 Men suffering from Alices Wonderland Syndrome see icons drill out of computers

The 54-year-old was diagnosed with Alices rare sleepwalking wonderland syndrome when explaining his vision impairment to doctors.

Alices Sleepwalking Wonderland Syndrome is named after the illusory world in Lewis Carrolls novels. It changes peoples perception of their body, space and surrounding objects.

In this case, potentially fatal cancers in the patients brain are pressing the brain region that controls vision and producing its own symptoms.

The man claimed that the computer icon would hover between him and the computer for about 10 minutes and then disappear to his right.

He also noticed that he was not feeling well. He had severe headache, often felt nausea, and also experienced pain in strong light.

After being transferred to the Department of neurology, the man underwent magnetic resonance imaging, which revealed that he had a high-grade glioma in his brain, a rapidly spreading and lethal brain tumor.

Doctors believe this is the first case of Alices sleepwalking wonderland syndrome, caused by tumors in this way.

According to the reports authors, this condition is usually associated with epilepsy, drug use, migraine, mental illness or brain infections.

Dr Sylvia Kurtz of New York University told Life Science, but cancer can damage certain parts of the brain and exert pressure on them, depending on the location of the tumor.

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