A woman who crossed the street in violation of regulations was hit by a violent car crash: Do you know who I am?

 A woman who crossed the street in violation of regulations was hit by a violent car crash: Do you know who I am?

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The woman crossed the street and was hit in a rage. She tore down the rear-view mirror with her bare hands and tore down the window: Do you know who I am (Source: ~)

On January 22, a 26-year-old woman surnamed Wang crossed the road at 4:00 p.m. in Renhe Road, Taxi District, Taiwan. When she saw a white car driver who was parking to let her pass, she suddenly jumped out and said, Do you know who I am? Then he smashed the engine cover with his bare hands, pulled down the rearview mirror and smashed the windows with his hands. All the furious actions were recorded by the traffic recorder, which made the passers-by look foolish at the scene.

Daxi Police Bureau pointed out on the 23rd that when a woman surnamed Wang (26 years old) crossed Renhe Road in Daxi District at 16 oclock on the 22nd, she broke the rules and crossed the road. When the opposite motorist saw the situation, she immediately stopped to let the woman pass. Unexpectedly, the woman surnamed Wang ran away uncontrollably and asked the driver: Do you know who I am? After smashing the rearview mirror of the vehicle and the drivers seat window in an unarmed way, they pretend to be gone for a long time.

The driver of a white car suddenly suffered a calamity without arrogance and reported the case to the Daxi Police Station. When the police got the report, they immediately got the womans residence and notified her and her family members to go to the police station to know the case.

In the evening, the woman surnamed Wang and her family showed that besides apologizing to the driver on the spot, she also told the police that her hands were slightly red and swollen but not harmful. The driver did not tell her about the damage, and the two sides finally reached a settlement of more than 2,000 yuan.

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