National Network Information Office recently concentrated on cleaning up 7873 malicious mobile applications

 National Network Information Office recently concentrated on cleaning up 7873 malicious mobile applications

According to the website of the National Network Information Office, since September 2018, the National Network Information Office, together with the Ministry of Industry and Information, the Ministry of Public Security and other relevant departments, has carried out special rectification of malicious mobile applications that strongly reflect the society and infringe on the rights and interests of users. 7873 mobile applications with malicious charges and information theft and other high-risk malicious acts have been found and cleaned up, and the operators and cloud have been urged. Service providers, domain name management agencies, etc. shut down related services. Officials said that malicious programs are low-cost, difficult to find and harmful. They have become a network tool for stealing personal information and money from netizens, seriously damaging the legitimate rights and interests of netizens and destroying the development environment of mobile Internet. They must be strictly cured according to law.

During the special renovation period, the technical units of the National Network Information Office conducted a patrol of mobile applications disseminated on various network platforms, focusing on the detection of games, wallpapers, tools, e-books and other applications with wide audiences and high risks. It was found that the procedures of all people cut fruit and bathroom goddess ordered fee-paying services by means of covert execution and deceiving users to click, resulting in userssubscriptions. Economic losses; Passionate Welfare Society and Naughty Maid steal personal information without the users knowledge or authorization; Second Bomber and Fruit Ninja Fighting exist hooliganism such as sending a large number of short messages, bundling downloads, intercepting short messages to designated users. Many of the above malicious programs make use of the lax security detection of some application stores, as well as the proliferation of vulnerabilities in the lack of security detection in the network disk, forum posting bar, short message links and other channels. They deceive and induce users to download and use them, thus endangering the security of usersproperty and information security. The National Network Information Office has timely cleaned up and disposed of them in conjunction with relevant departments.

Relevant officials said that it is a long-term and complex task for illegal elements to escalate malicious procedures, improve their ability to resist technology and evade supervision, and crack down on malicious procedures driven by interests. The National Network Information Office will maintain a high-pressure situation against malicious programs, strengthen routine inspection and law enforcement, timely carry out special renovation, urge application stores, network disks, forum posting bars and other network platforms to effectively implement the main responsibility, enhance security detection capabilities, and compress the living space of malicious programs. The National Network Communications Office reminds netizens to be highly alert to unknown links and two-dimensional codes, actively report malicious program clues to the network communications department, and make joint efforts by the whole society to maintain the security and healthy and orderly development of the mobile Internet.

Source: Wang Fengzhi _NT2541, responsible editor of Beijing Newspaper