120 bottles of Maotai have been kidnapped by public officials

 120 bottles of Maotai have been kidnapped by public officials

On January 23, Zhou Fang, former president of Laibin Peoples Hospital, appeared in court for alleged bribery of 18.106 million yuan and unknown sources of tens of millions of huge property. On the scene of the trial, Zhou Fang, 61, said, There are too many people who give gifts on their own initiative, and I only accept part of them.

Zhou Fang, a native of Ningming County, Chongzuo City, is a junior college student. He was once Vice President and President of Laibin Peoples Hospital.

From 2017 to 2018, Zhou Fang made a splash in the guestslocalities for two reasons: one was his abduction, the other was his censorship.

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Abducted and extorted by public officials

Considering that Zhou Fang was rich in bribery and was blackmailed, Wei Moufeng, director of the Laibin City Health Planning Commission, organized his associates and hijacked Zhou Fang into a cave in the early morning of February 16, 2017.

In the cave, three people, Wei Moufeng and others, robbed Zhou Fang of 1900 yuan in cash and hung him up and beat him to tell him what bribes he had received.

At that time, for personal safety, Zhou Fang fabricated the fact that he had taken bribes on an off-road vehicle and wrote down his notes. Wei Moufeng and others thought they had the handle of Zhou Fang and proposed to ask for 100,000 yuan. After receiving the money, they released Zhou Fang on the morning of February 17.

On December 28, 2017, Xingbin District Court made a first-instance judgment on the case, sentencing Wei Moufeng and his two associates to 11 to 12 yearsimprisonment for robbery, with a fine of 40,000 yuan, respectively.

Dropped on suspicion of violation of discipline and law

Shortly after Wei Moufengs three men were sentenced, Zhou Fang was suspected of serious violations of discipline and law. In August 2018, the Laibin Municipal Supervisory Committee made a decision on Zhou Fangs dismissal from public office and transferred it to the procuratorial organs for review and prosecution.

According to the investigation, Zhou Fang violated the discipline of life and had unfair sexual relations with many women for a long time. He took advantage of his position to seek benefits for others and to receive property, which was especially huge. His family property and expenditure obviously exceeded his legitimate income, and the difference was especially huge.

On January 23, the Peoples Court of Xingbin District of Laibin City heard Zhou Fangs case publicly.

From 2004 to 2017, Zhou Fang provided convenience for 18 people, such as Ouyang Mou, in the course of Engineering construction, bidding, medical consumables and medical equipment procurement, for profit, and illegally received benefit fees totalling RMB 181.06 million.

Self-proclaimed too many people give gifts

It is reported that on August 4, 2003, Zhou Fang was the executive vice president of Laibin Peoples Hospital, and on May 14, 2007, he was the president of Laibin Peoples Hospital. In the meantime, he is in charge of hospital finance, medical equipment and other work, which makes him become the main goal of many medical equipment companies to do a good relationship.

Zhou Fang stated in court that all the benefits and fees were given by the other party on their own initiative. He did not imply that there are too many people who give gifts on their own initiative. I just received part of them.

A note deposited in Zhous home in Liuzhou recorded part of his bribery.

The message is 170,30,39,15,20,-47,60,10,40,8,-202. These digital units are all 10,000 yuan. They record the secret between Ouyang Mou and Zhou Fang, the legal representatives of Changsha Kanglong Medical Devices Company, Hunan Yixinsheng Science and Technology Development Company and Nanning Pinsen Medical Devices Co., Ltd.

For example, 15, 20 and 60 are the benefits commissioned to Zhou Fang after Ouyang signed a contract with the hospital, but they do not give cash, but are kept somewhere in Ouyang.

- 47, Zhou Fang bought a eulogistic car in Changsha for 470,000 yuan, which was paid by Ouyang Mou; - 202, which is a fund of 2 million yuan purchased by Ouyang Mou in the name of his wife, and the handling fee is 20,000 yuan, so the deduction is 20.2 million yuan.

The figures 170, 30 and 39 are the amount that Zhou Fang let Ouyang take care of for a certain generation. Among them, 1.7 million yuan is cash, Zhou Fang packs it to Ouyang with a tie-rod box, 300,000 yuan is transferred by Zhou Fangs wife, and 390,000 yuan is given to Zhou Fang by others, Zhou Fang can not be free, so he directly lets Ouyang Mou go to other places to help him.

The property found in the house is astonishing.

According to the prosecutors accusation, Zhou Fangs existing family property totals more than 37.05 million yuan. Among them, legitimate family income is more than 10.58 million yuan, annual expenditure is more than 2.12 million yuan, bribery is 18.1 million yuan, and there are still more than 10.48 million yuan which can not explain its source.

After the incident, Zhou Fangs family members and others withdrew more than 22.38 million yuan from the case to the supervisory organs.

According to the materials, the Laibin Municipal Supervisory Committee seized three stock exchange cards, 20 pick-up cards, 11 bank cards, 120 bottles of Maotai liquor, 90 bottles of Wuliangye liquor, 179 bottles of other bottled liquor and 30 cigarettes from their homes in Binjiang Garden District, Laibin City.

Ninety-six bottles of Wuliangye, 86 bottles of Maotai liquor and RMB 108,500 yuan were seized from a room of No. 1 Building of Fenglin Blue Bank, Nanning City.

From a room in No. 8 Building of Fenglin Blue Bank, Nanning City, 620,000 yuan was seized, one Agricultural Bank card, six watches, 11 passbooks, six land use certificates, seven house ownership certificates, one commercial housing sales contract, one loan contract and one eulogized car were seized.

The procuratorial organs believe that Zhou Fang, as a state functionary, has clear criminal facts and sufficient evidence, and should be investigated for criminal responsibility.

Zhou Fang made a final statement, expressing his repentance for his criminal acts and confessing his guilt in court. Finally, the court adjourned the court and decided on the day.

Source: Zhao Yaping_NN9005, Responsible Editor of Nanguo Morning Post