Kim Jong-un received a letter from Trump expressing great satisfaction with the letter.

 Kim Jong-un received a letter from Trump expressing great satisfaction with the letter.

Tuyuan: Korean Central Society

Overseas Network, Jan. 24, according to North Korean media reports, North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un has received a personal letter from President Trump. He is very satisfied with the letter, and instructed to prepare for the second Jinte Meeting on the agenda.

According to KCNA 24, Kim Jong-un met with the delegation members of the second DPRK-US high-level talks headed by Kim Ying-jee, Vice Chairman of the Central Committee of the Korean Labour Party, on 23, and listened to the report on the results of his visit to Washington, including the delegations visit to the White House to discuss the issue of the second DPRK-US Summit with Trump, and the consultation with the US Working Group on the need for a solution between the DPRK and Specific circumstances.

The article points out that Jin Yingzhe transmitted Trumps personal letter to Kim Jong-un. Kim Jong-un expressed great satisfaction with Trumps good personal letter. He highly appraised the US Presidents concern for the second DPRK-US summit meeting and his extraordinary determination and willingness to solve the problem.

Kim Jong-un said that the DPRK will trust Trumps positive thinking, wait with patience and goodwill, and step by step towards the common goals to be achieved by the DPRK and the United States. He also expressed his satisfaction with the situation and results of the DPRK-US high-level talks delegations talks in the United States, and put forward tasks and directions for the preparations for the second Jinte Meeting, which was put on the agenda.

Jin Yingzhe recently went to the United States and held talks with U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo and Trump on the 18th. White House spokesman Sanders said that Trump and Jin Yingzhe met for 90 minutes and discussed denuclearization and the second DPRK-US summit. The meeting will be held near the end of February, and the President looks forward to meeting with Chairman Kim. The venue will be announced later, Sanders said.

On the 19th, Trump also expressed his expectations for the second Kings Meeting when he met with reporters. He then tweeted on social media that he was looking forward to meeting Chairman Kim Jong-un at the end of February.

Kim Jong-un wrote to Trump about denuclearization and said these things.

On January 22, the Korean media Central Daily revealed that Kim Jong-un mentioned in his personal letter the will to denuclearize and asked Trump to offer compensation measures for abandoning nuclear weapons, saying that if the United States did not take corresponding measures, North Korea would embark on a new road.