Where is AIDS good? Question maker: Want to stimulate students with reverse thinking

 Where is AIDS good? Question maker: Want to stimulate students with reverse thinking

Have you ever had sex with the opposite sex? Where is AIDS good? Have you chosen your opposite sex idol yet? Would you like to borrow a good seed?... Recently, two thunderous papers from Guangxi Beihai Institute of Art and Design have aroused a heated discussion on the Internet because of their explicit and capricious examination questions. Why did the exam question, which should have been serious, turn into an inquiry into personal privacy? Why do these seemingly three-view incorrect, professional-independent questions come into the examination room? Where is the review and supervision mechanism behind the test paper proposition? Xinhua News Agency China Networks reporters launched an exclusive investigation.

The Thunder Man Test Paper Arouses Online Disputes

On the 20th, two papers printed with the Beihai College of Art and Design Final Examination Paper spread wildly on the Internet. The papers were passed on as the final examination papers of two ideological and political courses in Beihai University. Is it wrong to dream of marrying a daughter-in-law? Some of the questions are quite explicit.

Many netizens said that the magical examination questions with confused ideas can not help but make people feel numb. Some people think that studentspersonality is insulted, their privacy rights are violated, and even denounce the proposers.

Have the questions been examined? What are the norms of teachersbehavior? China Networks reporter exclusively interviewed the parties involved in the incident.

The pictures circulated on the Internet are real, and they are my questions. But because of the mistake in the printing process, the second grade thought questions were printed into the final examination papers by mistake. 5734 Zheng Mou, executive director of the school, said that the final examination papers of the two courses had been completed on the 12th of this month, and the two topics on the 20th were additional thinking questions.

Zheng Mou showed reporters his record of passing the examination questions to the working group on January 11, which was titled Second Grade Ideological Thinking Questions.

Reporters got four papers from the school. From the final examination paper on January 12, we can see that the topics include objective questions, subjective questions and judgment questions, which are the contents of the syllabus. Li Gaonan, Secretary of the Party Committee and Commissioner of education supervision of the school, said that both final examination papers had been submitted and tested as required.

On the 20th, the two papers belong to the open examination papers. They all have no standard answers. Students can score as long as they answer, and they can also give up answering. Zheng said.

Beihai College of Art and Design, located in Beihai City, Guangxi, is a second art and Design Institute approved by the Ministry of Education. It began to enroll students in 2000 and now has more than 10,000 students. When the reporter arrived at the campus, the school was on vacation and there were few students.

Zheng said that similar exam content has appeared for many years, generally for freshmen and sophomores, every year according to the current popular social phenomenon to adjust.

On the 23rd, the Education Department of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region announced the results of the survey: the examination questions on January 20 reflected on the network are not the final examination questions of the two courses mentioned above, but the thinking questions of the first and second grades of Zheng Mou, which are not the prescribed contents of the course examination. The reason for the change of thinking questions to examination papers is that the relevant personnel of the school are extremely irresponsible in their work. Two sets of thinking questions are printed under two examination questions at the end of the term.

The Education Department of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region has instructed the school to make a thorough examination in writing and rectify the existing problems immediately. Zheng Mou, the executive director of the school, resigned and dismissed one of the vice-principals, the dean of the Ministry of Education and the dean of the Department of Learning and Work.

Peeping into Privacy or Reverse Thinking?

Reporters from the school to get these two controversial questions, including 48 questions, 53 questions, the content of sexual health, AIDS, personal emotions, comprehensive quality and other aspects, students can answer in real name or give up, some questions need not be answered.

The original intention of the questions is actually to enhance studentssafety awareness. Zheng Mou said that the university is the key period for students to establish correct three views. At present, some students lack the awareness of prevention, resulting in irreparable consequences. Examination questions are designed to stimulate students to attach importance to their own safety through reverse thinking.

For example,Where is AIDS better?, we want to stimulate studentsnerves and attach importance to sexual health and safety. Zheng said.

Reporters can see from the test questions that the proportion of thunderous and explosive test questions is about 20%. Others, such as What is the meaning of life? How to understandserving the people? How did thought come into being? Topics full of positive energy.

Reporters interviewed a number of students, a student majoring in animation in 2018 said that more than 40 students in the class basically answered the questions. Some students think that such a way to get answers is suspected of violating the right to privacy, while some students say that they are all adults, through the answer sheet can enhance sexual health awareness and express understanding of the subjects.

Li Gaonan said frankly that the author was not malicious, but this way of making questions is worth discussing. There are problems in the management of propositions in schools. Some comrades lack sense of responsibility. The school will learn lessons and correct them in the future.

Expert: Personalized test questions should be avoided from getting caught in the fire.

Many insiders said that the incident not only exposed the schools own work procedures are not standardized, but also exposed that the relevant departments in the implementation of certain systems are not strict, supervision is not in place, for some inadequate personalized inspection methods lack guidance.

Li Li, a lawyer from Guangxi Branch of Beijing Shangheng Law Firm, believes that it is compulsory to test by real-name questionnaire, and there is a greater risk of revealing personal privacy. Any link such as the announcement of scores, the storage of examination papers, personal information and so on, may have a negative impact on the students themselves. In the future, we should avoid using real-name system or examination form, and pay attention to information preservation.

Sun Xiaoying, a researcher of Guangxi Academy of Social Sciences, said: The focus of social controversy is actually how to educate students in a more effective way. There is nothing wrong with innovative teaching and personalized test questions in some colleges and universities, but they can notget into the devilin pursuit of personalization, let alone abuse it. Understanding studentsideological trends can take more warmth and flexibility, such as heart-to-heart conversation or anonymous questionnaire survey. Sun Xiaoying said.

Source: Zhao Yaping_NN9005, Responsible Editor of Xinhua