Rare! South Koreas 71-year-old Supreme Court President has been arrested and charged with more than 40 crimes

 Rare! South Koreas 71-year-old Supreme Court President has been arrested and charged with more than 40 crimes

Former President of the Supreme Court of Korea, Liang Chengtai

Overseas Network, January 24, local time, 24 am, Seoul Central District Court, South Korea, 71-year-old former President of the Great Court (Supreme Court) Liang Chengtai issued an arrest warrant. Liang Chengtai is suspected of abusing judicial administrative power while in office. Yonhap pointed out that Liang Chengtai became the first former president of the Supreme Court to be arrested in the constitutional history of Korea.

After the court issued an arrest warrant, Liang Chengtai, who was waiting for him at the Seoul detention center in Daoyi City, Gyeonggi, South Korea, was arrested immediately.

In February 2017, the Supreme Court of Korea was challenged to abuse the judicial executive power. The case was investigated by the court and the prosecution for nearly two years.

Liang Chengtai is involved in more than 40 crimes. Making blacklists of judges and intervening in the trial of Korean World War II workersclaims against Japanese enterprises are the main suspects.

In September 2018, the judge in charge of the case was clearly in power and approved the search of Liang Chengtais vehicle and the former Supreme Court Justices Gao Yongweld and Park Bingdas private residence on the grounds of suspected abuse of judicial executive power, but in December of the same year, he rejected the arrest request for Gao Yongweld.

The prosecution considers that Liang Chengtai and Park Bingda, the former deputy chief executive of the administrative department of the court who was arrested before, are key figures in the case.

After the power review, the judge said that the fact that the suspect was suspected of many crimes had been found out, and the case was serious. The suspect had the possibility of destroying the evidence, so he accepted the request of the prosecution to issue an arrest warrant.

Liang Chengtai denies the suspicion and advocates that some of the people under investigation should make false statements. On blacklist charges, he claims to exercise legitimate personnel rights as president of the Grand Court. Liang Chengtai also stressed that he has been cooperating with the prosecution investigation and that as the former head of the Ministry of Justice, there is no possibility of absconding.

Liang Chengtai has served as a judge since 1975. He has served for 42 years as President of Busan Methodology, Vice President of the Administrative Department of the Court, President of the Patent Court, Justice of the Grand Court and President of the Court.

Source: Overseas Network Responsible Editor: Li Wan_B11284