Canadian Ambassador to China: Meng Wanzhou has strong arguments against extradition

 Canadian Ambassador to China: Meng Wanzhou has strong arguments against extradition

According to Canadian Broadcasting Corp. on Tuesday, Canadian Ambassador to China John McCallum said that Meng had strong arguments against extradition to the United States.

McJialian, 68 years old, served as a cabinet member of the Liberal Party government, and once sparked news topics with frank and forthright remarks.

McAlan said Meng had sufficient arguments to support her, one of which was Trumps statement that there might be political involvement in her case.

Trump had previously said that he might intervene in the Mengwangzhou case if it was in the interests of national security or helped to reach a trade agreement with China. Canadas Foreign Minister, Fryland, quickly warned Washington not to politicize extradition cases.

McAlan also said that Canada has not imposed the same sanctions on Iran as the United States, Canada has not participated in these sanctions against Iran. Therefore, I think she can put forward some strong arguments before the judge.

McKallian believes that there are three possible options to resolve the case. One is the extradition of Mengs late boat, which he said will not be a happy ending, and may take years. Meng Wanzhou can appeal against extradition.

The second option is for the United States to waive its extradition request.

The third option is for Canadian courts to release Meng Wangzhou on the ground that the US demands are groundless.

McKallian Tuyuan: Canadian Media

According to Reuters, McJialians comments are the clearest statement by Canadian officials so far, suggesting that Meng may not be extradited to the United States. But these remarks may embarrass the Canadian government. Because the Canadian government has always claimed that it cannot intervene in this case on the basis of judicial independence.

On the 23rd, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau avoided the issue of the case. He told reporters that according to Canadian law, Meng Late Boat would have the opportunity to make a strong defense.

Trump said he was willing to intervene in the Meng Wanzhou case. The U.S. Department of Justice urgently put out the fire

We are not tools of trade. As soon as Trump said he was willing to intervene in the Meng Wanzhou case for the national interest, the US Justice Department rushed out to put out the fire.

According to Reuters on December 13, John Demers, head of the Department of Justices national security department, told a Senate hearing on December 12 that the Department of Justice was not a trade tool.

Why Meng Wanzhou? The New York Times disclosed details of the U.S. plan

Meng Wanzhou case has been the focus of the whole world since its development in early December. But why did the case arise? Where did Mengs crime come from?

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